Ningbo Tianlong Electronics Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



No.116, Batang Road, Hangzhou Bay New Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

Business Overview

-Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on January 10, 2017.

-Engaged in the design, production and manufacturing of automotive injection molding and precision molds. Main customers are the world's leading Tier1 suppliers such as Brose, Keihin, Continental, Bosch, Nidec, Valeo.

-Automotive plastic parts are mainly used in areas such as the engine system, window lift system, instrumentation system, seating system, and air conditioning system.


-Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (As of Dec.31, 2018)
Major Shareholder Shareholding Ratio (%)
Antel Holdings Group Co.,Ltd. 49.07
Zhang Yihua 11.34
Ningbo Junrui investment partnership 6.00
Zhang Haidong 1.88
Other shareholders 31.71
Total 100.00


Plastic parts for engine system
-Cooling fans for engines
-Engine guard rings
-Gear housings for electric drive
-Electronic water pumps for turbocharging
-Switch brackets
-Switch buttons
-Plastic parts for combination switches
-Injection molded low voltage switch controllers

Plastic parts for window lift system
-Window gear boxes
-Window carbon brush rack injection molding ASSY
-Motor brush holders for window lift regulators
-Gear wheels for window lift regulators

Plastic parts for seating system
-Steering wheel handles
-Steering wheel bases
-Handle cases
-Seat motor brush holders

Plastic parts for instrumentation system
-Instrument housing
-Light guide brackets for instrument panel
-Central control brackets
-Central control frame switches

Plastic parts for climate control system
-Plastic parts for air vents (louvers)
-Impellers for HVAC system

Plastic parts for electrical appliances
-Circuit breaker structures and panels
-Programmable logic controller housing
-Electronic control units

Precision molds


Jul. 2000 The company was established.
Dec. 2008 Accquried a 100% stake in "Cixi Tianlong Mold Co.,Ltd."
Jul. 2009 Accquried a 75% stake in "Shanghai Tianhai Electronics Co.,Ltd."
Jan. 2010 Accquried a 100% stake in "Tianhai (Japan) Co.,Ltd."
Jul. 2010 Accquried a 75% stake in "Tianlong Arcata (Dongguan) Electionic Co.,Ltd."
Oct. 2011 Established a joint venture "Wuhan Fine Microelectronics Co.,Ltd."
Dec. 2011 Accquried a 25% stake in "Shanghai Tianhai Electronics Co.,Ltd.", becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company.
Oct. 2012 Changed name from "Cixi Tianlong Mold Co.,Ltd." to "Ningbo Tianlong Electronics Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2012 Accquried a 75% stake in "Fuzhou Tianlong Electronic Co.,Ltd."
Dec. 2012 Accquried a 75% stake in "Sanhe Tianlong Arcata Electronic Co.,Ltd"
Jan. 2014 Established a subsidiary named "Changchun Tianlong Automotive Components Co.,Ltd."
Jan. 2015 Established a subsidiary named "Beijing Tianlong Livon Automotive Components Co.,Ltd."
Jul. 2015 Established a subsidiary named "Langfang Tianlong Livon Automotive Components Co.,Ltd."
Jul. 2015 Established a subsidiary named "Chengdu Tianlong Yihang Auto Parts Co.,Ltd."
Jan. 2017 Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange.
Jul. 2017 Announced the registration delete of  "Beijing Tianlong Livon Automotive Components Co.,Ltd" and "Sanhe Tianlong Arcata Electronic Co.,Ltd.", the company's subsidiaries.
Sep. 2018 The Company dissolved its sub-subsidiary, Tianhai (Japan) Co., Ltd. Tianhai (Japan).

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