CIE Automotive, S.A.

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Alameda Mazarredo 69, 8, 48009 Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain

Business Overview

-The Company is an international industrial group based in Spain which manufactures parts and subassemblies. The company supplies its products for vehicle OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers from all over the world.

-The Company’s Automotive business unit designs and manufactures components and assemblies through processes such as forging, aluminum injection molding, casting, machining, plastic injection molding, and stamping. The Dominion business unit provides technological solutions and support to other companies to improve the efficiency of their business processes.


-Listed on Madrid Stock Exchange and Bilbao Stock Exchange. (As of Dec. 31, 2017)
Shareholder % of ownership
ACEK / Corporación Gestamp, S.L 15.9
Antonio María Pradera Jáuregui 10.0
Corporación Financiera Alba 10.0
Elidoza Promocion de Empresas, S.L. 9.6
Mahindra & Mahindra, Ltd. 7.4
Addvalia Capital, S.A. 5.0
Alantra Asset Management, Sgilic, S.A 5.0
Total core shareholders 62.9


Engine components
-Plastic air tanks
-Aluminum brackets
-Metal brackets
-Crankshaft caps
-Aluminum pistons
-Aluminum camshaft covers
-Valve guides
-Exhaust air duct tubes
-Fuel rails
-Diesel and gasoline common rails
-Aluminum and plastic oil pans
-Oil pump components
-Turbo housings
-Ladder frames
-Camshaft bearings
-Camshaft bearing housings
-Engine tubes

Transmission and gearbox components
-CV joints and propshafts
-CVT and hybrid components
-Differential cases and assemblies
-Aluminum gear housings
-Gear shifts
-Aluminum mechanical housings
-Aluminum clutch housings
-Gearbox housings
-Transmission housings
-Gearbox oil pans
-Planetary carriers
-Axle shafts

BIW, chassis and steering components
-Airbag frames
-Body in white
-Aluminum chassis frames
-Brake boosters
-Brake drums
-Axle shafts
-Axle beams
-Complete rear axle assemblies
-EPS components
-Aluminum column brackets
-Aluminum steering housings
-Aluminum hydraulic pump housings
-Outer rings
-Seat structures
-Suspension arms
-EPS main housings
-Steering nuts
-Steering column tubes
-Rear axles
-Axle spindles
-Brake camshafts
-Air suspension brackets
-Sector shafts
-Stabilizer bars

Interior and exterior trim
-Plastic arm rests
-Plastic center consoles
-Plastic ashtrays
-Plastic emblems
-Plastic front covers
-Plastic in-mold decorations
-Isolation covers
-Door handles
-Wheel covers
-Plastic trim parts
-Storage compartments
-Rear-view mirror housings
-Glove compartments

Roof systems
-Cargo management solutions
-Retractable roofs


2002 The Corporation was created through the merger of Corporacion Industrial Egana and Grup Siderurgico Vasco.
Sep. 2004 Galicia plant to be upgraded so as to respond to a growing market.
May 2005 Czech Republic operation to be doubled in 2006.
Nov. 2005 New facility in Shanghai to supply China and Japan in 2006.
Dec. 2005 Acquisition of JARDIM, a Brazilian lightweight stamping company.
Set up a joint multi-technology production venture with DESC Automotriz, a Mexican automotive parts supplier.
Mar. 2006 Signed an agreement of intent for the acquisition of Brazilian firm Sada Forjas for EUR 43 million. Major Sada products include wheel bosses, spindles, gearing and gearbox axles for carmakers Fiat, Volkswagen, DaimlerChrysler and Renault, and a number of first-tier providers.
Apr. 2006 Applied to the Rumanian securities and investment board for authorization to make a EUR 4 million outright takeover bid of Rumanian company Matricon's capital. Matricon is an aluminum injector, parts machinery and manufacturer of molds that supplies the European market.
Sep. 2006 Took a major EUR 19 million stake in the share capital of Brazilian firm Durametal, to set up a joint venture designed to lead brake drum, brake disc and wheel boss production in the globalized market.
Dec. 2006 Acquired 51% of Chinese firms Shanghai Sandun Auto Parts Co., Ltd and Shanghai Sandun Auto Parts Manufacture Co., Ltd ("Sandun") at an estimated cost to The Company of EUR 5.2 million (RMB 55 million). Located in the industrial zone of Shanghai, both Shanghai Sandun Auto Parts Co., Ltd and Shanghai Sandun Auto Parts Manufacture Co., Ltd make automotive components using plastic injection, thermoforming, leather and flocking technologies.
Jan. 2007 Acquired the entire share capital in Brazilian firm Metalurgica Nakayone Ltda ("Nakayone") for EUR 26.9 million. Nakayone specializes in stamping parts and welded components. The firm's clients include the Volkswagen group and Ford.
Jan. 2007 Signed an agreement, together with group subsidiary CIE-Desc Automotive, for the outright acquisition of the entire share capital in Mexican group Nugar. Nugar makes components, stamped systems and performs welding operations. Group customers include Volkswagen, DaimlerChrysler and General Motors.
Mar. 2008 Announced that it has reached an agreement with Grupo KUO, S.A.B of C.V. (Grupo KUO) to purchase 100% of the share capital of Pintura y Ensambles de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. for approximately USD 32 million.
Jan. 2010 Acquired 50% of share capital of the CIE-DESC Automotive, S.A. de C.V. for USD 54.5 million.
2012 Signed joint venture agreement with Donghua Automotive Industrial in China for 50% ownership of Nanjing Automotive Forging Co. Ltd for CNY 290 million.
Acquired 65% of Century Plastics LLC in United States with a later option on the remaining 35% for USD 68.6 million.
2013 Signed alliance agreement with Mahinda Group to form global automotive component supply network. The Company acquired stake in Systech, while Mahindra acquired a stake in the Company's forging businesses.
Formed joint venture with Grupo Antolin-Irausa S.A. to manufacture metallic structures and subassemblies for car seats.
2014 Acquired 100% share of its Brazilian subsidiary, CIE Autometal.
Agreed on the acquisition of the remaining 50% of the French Group, Advanced Comfort Systems - ACS.
2016 Agreed on the acquisition of 100% share of Grupo Amaya Telleria for EUR 186 million.
Mahindra CIE Automotive Limited (MCIE), the Company's Indian subsidiary, acquired 100% share of Bill Forge Private Limited (BFPL) for INR 13,312 million.

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