Weifu High-Technology Group Co., Ltd.

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No.5, Huashan Road, New District, Wuxi, Jiangsu 214028, China

Business Overview

-A leading manufacturer of fuel injection systems for diesel engines in China. Its products are divided into 3 divisions: intake systems for diesel engines, fuel injection systems for diesel engines, and exhaust gas after-treatment systems.

-The Company has the largest share in the high-pressure fuel injection pump, injection nozzle, and catalytic converter markets in China. It supplies its products to major domestic diesel engine manufacturers and automakers.

- The Company has been strengthening its ties with Robert Bosch GmbH since the 1980's when it introduced fuel injection pump technologies from the German based company. It has developed a wide-ranging cooperative relationship with the German company including a licensing-in agreement, and joint venture projects in China.


Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (As of Dec. 2018)
Company Shareholding Ratio
Wuxi Industry Development Group Co., Ltd. 20.22%
Robert Bosch GmbH 14.16%
Others 65.62%
Total 100%


Fuel Injection Systems for Diesel Engines
Monoblock pump and single cylinder pump for CNⅢ
Electronically-controlled VE pump
Weifu accumulator pump system WAP

Intake System
Gasoline engine turbocharger
Wastegate turbocharger
Vacuum valve variable nozzle turbocharger
Electronic-control variable nozzle turbocharger
Two-stage turbocharger
Water-cooled housing turbocharger
Variable volume geometry turbocharger
Fixed geometry turbocharger

Exhaust System
Particulate oxidation catalyst POC)
Selective catalytic reduction SCR)Catalyst
Catalyst for CNG/LPG engine
Three-way catalyst(TWC)
Diesel oxidation catalyst(DOC)
Motorcycle catalyst
Catalyst for off-highway vehicles
Industrial waste gas catalyst
SCR systems
Diesel particulate filter(DPF)
Catalytic converter

Filter Products
Main fuel filter assembly
Fuel fine filter
Fuel pre-filter
Air filter
Oil filter

Automotive Electronics Products
Fuel-stop solenoid
Differential pressure sensor
Oil pressure sensor
Solenoid parts
Starter solenoid
OBD module battery
Intake air heater
Air pressure control valve
Rail pressure sensor
KSB solenoid
Fuel inlet solenoid
Proportional flow control valve
HDK electric actuator
VE-Type pump/speed sensor
VE-Type pump/timing sensor
VE-Type pump/throttle sensor
Crankshaft speed sensor


May 1958 The Company was founded as Wuxi Fuel Injection Equipment Factory
1984 Introduced manufacturing technologies and leading-edge information on A-series fuel injection pumps from Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany. Signed a 10-year contract with Bosch for licensing-in of patent and technologies.
Apr. 1988 Established Wuxi Fuel Injection Equipment Group Co. as a successor of Wuxi Fuel Injection Equipment Factory.
Sep. 1992 The main business of the Wuxi Fuel Injection Equipment Group Co. was formed into a stock company named Weifu Fuel Injection Co., Ltd.
Aug. 1995 Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Issued 68 million special common shares.
Nov. 2000 Adopted its current company name Weifu High Technology Co., Ltd.
May. 2004 The Company and Huawei (Shanghai) Nano-Technology Co., Ltd. jointly established Wuxi Weifu Environmental Catalysts Co., Ltd. to manufacture catalysts.
July. 2004 Jointly with Wuxi Weifu Group Co., Ltd.. the Company established Wuxi Weifu Automotive Diesel Systems Co., Ltd.
July. 2004 Established Nanjing Weifu Jinning Co., Ltd. to manufacture VE pumps.
Aug. 2004 Jointly with Robert Bosch GmbH, the Company established Bosch Automotive Diesel System Co., Ltd..
Aug. 2005 Established a new subsidiary "Wuxi Autocam Precision Machine Co., Ltd. jointly with a U.S. maker, Autocam.
May. 2006 The Company and Chaoyang Jialin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. jointly established Chaoyang Weifu Jialin Machinery. Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to manufacture diesel engine components.
Jun. 2009 Wuxi Weifu Group Co., Ltd., which owns a majority share in the Company, was merged into Wuxi Industry Development Group Co., Ltd.
Aug. 2009 The Company, Schmitter Group AG of Germany, and Shanghai Weishi Auto Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly established a joint-venture,Wuxi Weifu Schmitter Power System Parts and Components Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2010 The Company acquired 51% shares of Ningbo Tianli Turbocharger Co., Ltd. and changed it's name to Ningbo Weifu Tianli Turbocharging Technology Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2011 Established joint-venture Anhui Weifu Tianshi Machinery Co., Ltd.
Sep. 2011 Liquidated Wuxi Weifu Jida New-Material Application and Development Co. Ltd.
2013 The Company acquired 1% share of Wuxi Autocam Precision Machine Co., Ltd. held by American company, Autocam, thus, the Company held 51% share of Wuxi Autocam and Autocam held 49% share of Wuxi Autocam.
Feb. 2014 Jiangsu Weifu Nanometre Technology Co., Ltd., the Company's subsidiary, completed the registration of cancellation procedures.
Apr. 2014 Chaoyang Weifu Jialin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the Company's subsidiary, completed the registration of cancellation procedures.
Oct. 2017 Merged with Wuxi Weifu Automotive Diesel Systems Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2018 Acquired 12.34% stake in Protean Holdings Corp.

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Volume of Production by Products

(in thousand units)
  Company Name FY ended Dec. 31, 2015 FY ended Dec. 31, 2014 FY ended Dec. 31, 2013
Fuel injectors Weifu High-Technology Co., Ltd. - 3,940 6,316
Super chargers - 320 277
Casting products Wuxi Weifu Changan Co., Ltd. 5 - -
Mufflers Wuxi Weifu Leader Catalytic Converter co., Ltd. 5,975 - 1,037 (supplied to Geely "Vision")
Catalytic converters - 4,661 1,037
Catalytics - - 183
Plunger coupling Wuxi Weifu Mashan Fuel Injection Equipment Factory 3,830 - -

Source: China Automotive Industry Yearbook (Issued every October)