Bosch [Robert Bosch LLC]

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38000 Hills Tech Drive, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48331 USA

Business Overview

-The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH.

-The Company has four different business sectors:

  • Mobility Solutions (formerly Automotive Technology)
  • Industrial Technology
  • Consumer Goods
  • Energy and Building Technology

-The Company's Mobility Solutions sector is its largest business sector in North America. The Company develops, manufactures and supplies a variety of systems including fuel-injection systems, peripheral powertrain control devices, alternative drive concepts, safety systems, in-vehicle information and communication systems. The Company's Mobility Solutions sector is currently focused on automated, electrified and connected vehicle technologies.


-The Company is unlisted (As of Dec. 31, 2016)
Shareholder Share Capital (%)
Robert Bosch GmbH 100.0


Gasoline Systems
Fuel injection systems
-Direct injection systems
-Port fuel injection systems
-Flex fuel port injection systems

Electronic throttle control: ETC/EGAS
-Accelerator pedal modules
-Electronic throttle bodies

Engine management for manifold injection

Fuel supply
-Electric fuel pumps
-In-tank fuel pump units
-Fuel injectors
-Fuel distributors: fuel rail

Modules and engine components
-Diagnosis modules for fuel tank leakage
-Cylinder head covers
-Oil separators
-Canister purge valve TEV
-Plug-in connections
-Secondary-air pumps
-Intake modules

-Single-spark ignition coils
-Ignition coil modules

Transmission technologies
-Power system actuation
-ECU actuators and modules
-ECUs for automated shift transmissions
-Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) pushbelts
-ECUs for Continuously Variable Transmissions


Start/stop systems
-Boost Recuperation System (BRS)

-Engine management sensors
-Exhaust management sensors
-Transmission speed sensors

Diesel Systems
Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Fuel injection management
-Common rail systems
-Unit injector systems
-Injection nozzles
-Low-pressure systems
-Axial-piston and radial-piston distributor pumps
-Unit Pump Systems (UPS) for commercial vehicles
-Single-cylinder injection pumps for commercial vehicles
-In-line pumps for commercial vehicles


Start/stop systems

Glow systems
-Glow control units
-Glow plugs

Air management systems
-Intake air management systems
-Throttle valve control
-Exhaust gas recirculation actuators
-Plastic control flaps for diesel engines
-Swirl actuators
-Boost pressure actuators
-Exhaust gas turbochargers
-Hot-film air-mass meter (HFM)
-Air temperature sensors
-Boost pressure sensors

Exhaust gas cleaning
-NOx catalytic converters
-Accumulator-type NOx catalytic converters
-Particulate filter systems
-Denoxtronic SCR systems
-Sensors for Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

-Engine management sensors
-Exhaust management sensors

HV/EV Systems
-Electric machines with both motor and generator functions
-Cooperative regenerative braking systems
-High voltage batteries

Chassis Systems Control

Braking systems
-Vacuum pumps
-Combined oil-vacuum pumps and fuel-vacuum pumps
-Brake boosters
-Electric brake boosters
-Tandem master cylinders
-Hydraulic boosters
-Mechanical brake assist EVA

Active safety systems
-Antilock Braking System (ABS)
-Traction control systems
-Electric Stability Program (ESP)

Driver assistance systems
-Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
-Intelligent headlight control systems
-Road sign recognition systems
-Parking aid systems
-Side view assist systems
-Night Vision Plus - Active infrared night vision systems
-Driver drowsiness detection systems
-Predictive emergency braking systems
-Lane assist systems
-Predictive pedestrian protection systems
-Construction zone assist systems
-Mid-range and long-range radar
-Multi-purpose cameras

Passive safety systems
-Crash detection systems
-Airbag control units
-Pedestrian protection systems
-Airbag control sensors
-Peripheral acceleration sensors
-Pedestrian contact sensors

Electrical Drives
Window and roof actuators
-Window lift drives
-Sunroof drives

Seating and comfort actuators
-Seat actuators and drives
-Steering column drives

Thermal management systems
-Climate control systems

  • Blower control units
  • Blower modules
  • Air conditioning systems

-Engine thermal management

  • Blower modules
  • Engine cooling drives
  • Engine cooling pumps
  • Engine cooling valves

Wiper systems
-Front and rear wiper drives for various windshield and window sizes
-Wiper arms
-Wiper blades

Starter Motors and Generators

-Starters for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
-Generators for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
-Start/stop motors

Car Multimedia
Car Hi-Fi Systems
-In-vehicle video
-Sound systems

Information and navigation systems
-Screen-based dynamic navigation
-Radio Hi-Fi navigation
-Infotainment systems
-mySPIN - Smartphone integration system

Display systems
-Head-up Display (HUD)
-Programmable instrument cluster
-DualView display

Automotive Electronics
-Multiplex systems
-Electric/Electronic architectures
-12V DC-DC converters


-IP modules

-Body electronic control units
-Braking control systems
-Engine management systems
-Various control units

Automotive Steering
-Steering gears for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
-Pumps for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
-Steering columns for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
-Electro Hydraulic Power Steering systems (EHPS)
-Electric Power Steering systems (EPS)
-Steering angle sensors
-Steering torque sensors

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>>>Business Report up until FY ended Dec. 31, 2010

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*Figures labeled with an asterisk are pre-adjustment figures that have not been changed in accordance with new methods of accounting and valuation implemented in 2013.