Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



39-5 Daizen, Ueta-cho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi, 441-8560, Japan

Business Overview

-A parts supplier under the Honda Group

-The Company's main business is the production and sales of automotive power train components, suspension components, steering components, transmission components, etc.
-The automotive business accounted for 73.5% of consolidated sales, based on the figures announced in the second quarter of FY2017.
-All sales in North America and Europe were generated by the automotive business. Japan accounted for 64.3%.

-In June 2016, the Company acquired Hay Holding GmbH, a forging and machine-processing company based in Germany.


-Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 31, 2018)
Name Investment Ratio (%)
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 26.21
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account) 8.80
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., 385632 4.79
Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 4.05
BNP Paribas Sec Services Luxembourg Jasdec Aberdeen Global Client Assets 2.80
Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. 2.56
Individual shareholder 2.27
Northern Trust Company (AVFC) Mondrian International Small Cap Equity Fund 2.26
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., 385166 1.89
J.P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.A. 280578 1.84
Total 57.52


Differential assembly
-Differential assemblies
-Differential gears

Planetary assembly
-Planetary assemblies for CVT
-Planetary assemblies for AWD vehicles
-Carrier cases and ring gears
-Clutch hub assemblies with sun gear

Camshafts/Transmission gears
-Balance shafts; engine vibration absorption functional components
-Transmission gears for AT
-Transmission gears for MT
-Transmission gears for DCT

Ball Joint Assembly
-Suspension arm assemblies
-Suspension ball joints
-Steering ball joints; tie-Rod end


Apr. 1938 Established Ohtsuka Seisakusho at Togoshi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
Jan. 1944 Incorporated Ohtsuka Seisakusho as a joint-stock corporation and established Ohtsuka Koku Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1946 Ohtsuka Koku Kogyo relocated to Toyohashi City, Aichi Pref. Changed name to Musashi Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1947 Shifted to production of sewing machine parts. Began to manufacture and sell balance and sender cams.
Sep. 1956 Musashi Sangyo Co., Ltd. started producing motorcycle parts including camshafts and gears. Started transaction with Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
July, 1962 Started transaction with Kubota Tekko Co., Ltd (present Kubota Co., Ltd.)
Sep. 1963 Musashi Sangyo Co., Ltd. renamed as Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1996 Acquired 100% of the shares issued by Kyushu Musashi Seimitsu Industry.
Honda took over the Company's capital increase for a consideration allocated to a third party and acquired 28.9% of the issued shares.
Mar. 1996 Established PT Musashi Auto Parts Indonesia (83.3% investment) in Indonesia with PT Federal Motors.
Apr. 1996 Obtained ISO9001 certification.
June, 1997 Established Musashi Auto Parts Canada Inc. (100% investment) in Ontario, Canada.
Mar. 1998 Invested in MotogearnorteIndatri de Engrenajemz Litd (currently Musashi de Brazil Limitada) (35.3% investment).
Aug. 1998 Obtained ISO14001 certification.
Dec. 1998 Listed on the over-the-counter market of the Japan Securities Association.
Dec. 1998 Made into subsidiary: MotogearnorteIndatri de Engrenajemz Litd (51.0% investment).
May, 1999 Obtained QS9000 certification.
Oct. 2000 Established Musashi South Carolina Inc. in South Carolina, USA.
Feb. 2000 Established Musashi Hungary Manufacturing, Ltd. in Hungary.
Jan. 2001 Established Musashi Europe GmbH in Wintershreizssheim, Germany.
Jan. 2001 Established Musashi North America Inc. in Michigan, USA.
Mar. 2002 Established Musasi da Amazonia Ltda. in Amazonia, Brazil.
Jul. 2002 Established Musashi Autoparts India Pvt., Ltd. in Haryana, India.
Jan. 2003 Established Musashi Auto Parts (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. in Guangdong, China.
Dec. 2003 Established Musashi Asia Co., Ltd. (100% investment) in Bangkok, Thailand.
Mar. 2004 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Second Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Mar. 2005 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the First Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Dec. 2005 Established the 2nd. Akemi Plant in Akemi-cho, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture.
Mar. 2009 Closed the Company's Noto Plant located on the site of Noto Industrial Park in Sika-machi, Hakui-gun, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan.
Nov. 2010 Established Musashi Auto Parts Vietnam Co.,Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary in Hung Yen Province, Vietnam.
Dec. 2010 Liquidated Musashi South Carolina Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary in South Carolina, U.S.A.
Dec. 2011 Established Musashi India Pvt. Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary) in Haryana State, India.
Mar. 2012 Established Musashi Auto Parts Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (a wholly owned subsidiary) in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
Jun. 2014 Established Musashi Auto Parts (Nantong) Co., Ltd. (tentative name) in Jiangsu, China.
Oct. 2014 Established Musashi Investment (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. (tentative name) in Guangdong, China.
Jun. 2016 Acquired Hay Holding GmbH
Nov. 2017 Built a new production plant for the machinery business; in Akemicho, Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture.

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