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2012 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Cold forging cam piece

Assembly camshaft (for 4 cylinders)

Casting camshaft (for 4 cylinders)

Assembly camshaft - intake (for 3 cylinders)

Casting camshaft - intake (for 3 cylinders)

Assembly camshaft - exhaust (for 3 cylinders)

Casting camshaft - exhaust (for 3 cylinders)

MS differential gear noise checking display

Old differential gear noise checking display

MS35 differential case

MS35 differential assy (light weight prototype)

MS35 differential assy for light vehicle CVT

Transmission gear (for manual)

Transmission gear (for automatic)

Planetary assembly (for compact cars)

Small size ball joint (S18)

Rack end comp

Tie rod end comp

Front lower ball joint comp

Front lower ball joint comp

Front lower arm comp

2010 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Assembly camshaft

MS differential gear

Parts former camshaft

One-way clutch

Aluminum arm

Tie rod assembly

Suspension lower ball joint

Suspension upper arm assembly

Ball joint

MS differential assembly MS 4 pinion differential assembly

MS 2 pinion differential assembly

MS differential assembly (Under development)

Rolling ring gear (Under development)

FSW (Friction stir welding) (Under development) FSW jointed planetary carrier and differential case

SH-AWD cut model