Ogura Clutch Co., Ltd.

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2-678 Aioi-cho, Kiryu-shi, Gunma-ken, 376-0011 Japan

Business Overview

-The Company is a major supplier of clutches for car air conditioners. As of the fiscal year that ended in March 2016, the Company had delivered an aggregate total of more than 400 million car air conditioners worldwide.

Business Highlights

-The Company’s financial results for the fiscal year that ended in March 2019 are as follows.
Consolidated sales: JPY 41,024 million (1.3% increase year-over-year)
Operating income: JPY 1,028 million (27.7% decrease year-over-year)
Ordinary income: JPY 1,091 million (20.5% decrease year-over-year)


-Listed on the JASDAQ Standard. (As of Mar. 31, 2019)
Name or Company name Investment Ratio (%)
Daiichi Kyoei Building 19.22
Customer share holding commission 9.19
Individual shareholder 5.48
The Towa Bank, Ltd. 4.95
The Gunma Bank, Ltd. 4.93
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. 3.91
Individual shareholder 2.87
Employee stock holdings 2.41
Individual shareholder 2.09
Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Company 1.56
Total 56.67


Clutches for car air conditioners
Clutches for super chargers


May 1938 Ogura Hiroshi, founder, established Ogura Manufacturing Co., Ltd in Kamata, Tokyo (currently, Ota ,Tokyo) to manufacture multi-sheet clutches for machine tools.
Apr. 1944 Relocated its plant to Aioi Village, Yamada District, Gunma Prefecture. (currently, Aioi Town, Kiryu City).
Oct. 1946 Started manufacturing power generator lamps for bicycles.
May 1948 Established Ogura Precision Industrial Co. to manufacture precision parts for machine tools.
May 1952 Stopped operations at Ogura Manufacturing and at Ogura Precision Industrial Co. Asaka Kogei Co. continued these operations.
Feb. 1954 Established Asaka Kogei Co. Ltd.
Apr. 1957 Name changed from Asaka Kogei Co. Ltd. to Ogura Manufacturing Co.
Dec. 1996 Established Ogura S.A.S. in France. (currently, a consolidated company).
Jan. 1998 Established Ogura Industrial Corporation in New Jersey, U.S. (currently, a consolidated company).
Aug. 1999 Issued yen-based convertible bards worth 30 billion yen in total.
Oct. 1999 Established Ogura Clutch de Brazil Ltda. in San Paulo, Brazil. (currently, a consolidated company).
Jun. 2000 Established Hyuron parts Precision Parts Corporation in Madison Heights, Michigan, U.S. (currently, a consolidated company).
Feb. 2001 Established manufacturing plants in South Korea and Malaysia. In Korea, established a joint venture company and was awarded a contract from an automobile air conditioner manufacturer. In Malaysia, will independently advance into the market by 2003.
Mar. 2001 Plans to expand sales of super chargers from the current 0.8% to 3%. Awarded a contract for passenger vehicle super chargers from both Carlson Auto Tecnic and Mercedes Benz of Germany.
Apr. 2001 Reviewed and optimized production lines at Kourin plant and Sekibori Plant.
Jul. 2001 Expanded its French subsidiary's local procurement and manufacturing capacity. Plants to increase the local purchase ratio from 25% at the start of fiscal 2000 to 70% in fiscal 2002.
Nov. 2001 Established Ogura Clutch Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in Shahalam, Selangor Malaysia
Feb. 2002 Formed a capital tie-up with Koyo Techno (currently a consolidated subsidiary). Following this, Maruhiro Seisakusho became a quasi-subsidiary (owned indirectly).
May, 2003 Established Ogura Clutch (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd. in Dongguan, Guangdong province, China.
Jun. 2004 Established Ogura Clutch (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, China.
Dec. 2004 Listed on the Jasdaq Securities Exchange.
Sep. 2006 The Company made an additional investment in Toyo Clutch Co., Ltd., making it its subsidiary. (It is now a consolidated company.)
Jan. 2007 Changed the name of its subsidiary, Koyo Techno, to Ogura Techno.
Dec. 2007 Hyuron Precision Parts Corporation disappeared as a result of a merger which made Ogura Corporation (currently a consolidated subsidiary) a surviving company.
Jul. 2008 Established Ogura Clutch Thailand Co., Ltd. in Amata City, Rayong Province, Thailand. The company is currently a consolidated subsidiary.
Apr. 2010 Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange JASDAQ (Standard), after the merger of the JASDAC and Osaka Securities Exchange.
May 2013 Established Ogura Clutch (Changxing) Co., Ltd. in Huzhou, Zhejiang province, China.
Jun. 2014 Established Ogura Clutch India Pvt. Ltd. in Haryana, India.
Aug. 2015 Closed Plant No. 2 and transferred production operations to the Akahori Plant
Aug. 2016 Completed the liquidation of Ogura Clutch Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Mar. 2018 Completed the liquidation of Ogura Techno.
May 2018 (株)三泉準備会社設立。
Jul. 2018 分割会社である(株)三泉の事業の全部を(株)三泉準備会社に承継し、(株)三泉に商号変更。(現・非連結子会社)
Jul. 2018 フィリピン共和国ラグナ州カランバの Sansen Philippines, Inc.は、Ogura Clutch Philippines,Inc.に社名変更。(現・非連結子会社)

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