Kyowa Leather Cloth Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



1876 Higashi-machi, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken, 430-8510, JAPAN

Business Overview

-The Company, a member of the Toyota Group, specializes in synthetic resin leather and film.

-The Company has a 70% share of the synthetic leather cover materials for automotive interior products in Japan (according to the Company's own survey).

Business Performance Highlights

-The Company’s financial results for the fiscal year that ended in March 2019 are as follows.
Consolidated sales: JPY 45.6 billion (6.8% decrease year-over-year)
Ordinary income: JPY 2.0 billion (39.0% decrease year-over-year)
Current net profit attributable to the parent-company’s shareholders: 1.4 billion (37.6% decrease year-over-year)


-Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 31, 2019)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
Toyota Motor Corp. 34.12
Toyota Tsusho Corporation 6.34
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account) 5.86
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 5.62
Hayashi Telempu Holdings Corp. 4.25
Resona Bank, Limited 3.52
Kisco Ltd. 3.12
Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited 1.63
MIKI & Co., Ltd. 1.23
Total 67.25


Automotive interior covering materials
-Urethane products used for:

  • Seats
  • Door trim
  • Door ornaments
  • Arm rests
  • Instrument panels
  • Console boxes
  • Steering wheels
  • Shift lever boots

- Olefin products used for:

  • Instrument panels
  • Tonneau covers
  • Head linings
  • Roofs
  • Door trim
  • Door ornaments
  • Arm rests
  • Console boxes

-Vinyl chloride products used for:

  • Seats
  • Door trims
  • Door ornaments
  • Arm rests
  • Console boxes
  • Shift lever boots
  • Tonneau covers
  • Sunvisors
  • Roofs

ーAcrylic products used for:

  • Roofs


Aug. 1935 Fuji Kakuhu Co., Ltd.; Asahi Leather Co., Ltd.; Dainippon Co., Ltd; and Nippon Gikaku Co., Ltd. all merged to form Kyowa Leather Cloth Co., Ltd.
Jun. 1942 Set up Tokushima Factory in Naruto, Tokushima
Apr. 1944 Renamed as Kyowa Kouku Kakou.
Dec. 1945 Renamed Kyowa Kakou.
Oct. 1947 Name changed back to Kyowa Leather Cloth Co., Ltd.
Nov. 1948 Acquired Shinko Kokusaku Kogyo.
Jan. 1949 Started producing vinyl chloride leather
Apr. 1957 Listed on the Tokyo over-the-counter market
Sep. 1961 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Mar. 1962 Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange (Delisted in February 2004)
Dec. 1968 Established 1st Tenryu Plant in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
May 1974 Established 2nd Tenryu Plant in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
Sep. 1978 Moved headquarters from Sumida-ku, Tokyo to Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
May 1981 Established Shinshiro Plant in Shinshiro, Aichi
Feb. 1997 Established Kyowa Leather Cloth U.S.A. INC. (Liquidated in September 2008)
Jun. 2000 The entire Company obtained ISO14001 certification.
Jan. 2002 Established Thai Nam-Kyowa Company Limited in Thailand.
Apr. 2004 Established Kyowa-GSK Industry (Langfang) Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2011 Changed Kyowa-GSK Plastics (Langfang) Co., Ltd. to a consolidated subsidiary

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