FIAMM Energy Technology S.p.A.(Formerly FIAMM S.p.A.)

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Viale Europa 75, Montecchio Maggiore 36075 (VI), Italy

Business Overview

-The Company supplies starter batteries, acoustic warning devices, antennas and OLEDs to the automotive industry while also supplying batteries and energy storage solutions for other markets.

-In 2014, the Company has entered into lithium-ion battery market.

-The company separated the automobile and industrial lead storage battery business (excluding some of the Chinese business) and singed  the sale contact with Hitachi Chemical during December, 2016. Total price of the transaction was estimated about JPN 10.2 billion (EUR 90.3 million).    


-Two family groups of Stefano Dolcetta (CEO) and Alessandro Dolcetta (Vice-President) hold the Company shares.


-Batteries for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
-Batteries designed for cars with start/stop systems
-Sodium nickel chloride batteries for EV/HV
-Lithium-ion batteries
-Horns for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
-Coaxial cables
-Passive antennas
-Roof active antennas
-Hidden active antennas
-Organic Electro-Luminescence Diodes (OLED) for interior and exterior lighting


1942 The Company was established by Giulio Dolcetta to manufacture electrically driven three-wheelers.
1950-60 The Road-Master electro-pneumatic horns were produced.
The 6AP35 battery, "Green Disk", was produced.
1960-70 Ferrari used FIAMM's "Superleggera" (ultra-lightweight) battery on its "Dino" at the Daytona event. The same battery was later used on the Fiat "Abarth" single-seater.
The first sealed stationary battery was introduced.
1970's The Premium battery was produced.
Nova was born - a battery for driving vehicles electrically, in the middle of the energy crisis.
The CTP horn was produced.
The new plant at Almisano di Lonigo was built.(1973)
The new plant - "FIAMM Components and Accessories" - was opened in Montecchio Maggiore.
1980's Set up a commercial company in Germany. (1981)
J.V. with Trico for the development of the horn business in U.S.A.(1987)
Ford chose the Company as sole supplier of horns for all of its cars.(1988)
A new horn plant was established in Brownsville (Texas) (1988)
1990 Acquired Klaxon, the French horn manufacturer.
Launched "Fast", its new, rapidly installed, maintenance free battery.
1992 Acquired Baren, an Austrian battery manufacturer.
1993 Relocated the horn production facilities in America from Brownsville to Cadillac (Michigan).
1994 Entered the car antenna business with the acquisition of Mecaniplast.
1995 The FIAMM Ecoforce sealed, recombining battery was installed on the new Ferrari "F50".
1998 Acquisition of the Czech battery manufacturer Akuma and of two commercial companies in Germany Akkuschmidt and in G.B. Euro Battery Distribution.
A new J.V. with Sogefi Bosinas ltda for the development of the horn business in Brazil.
1999 Acquired Uranio and United Energy.
Acquired IBC - a major distributor of motive power batteries.
2004 Formed joint venture with Minda in India for the production of horns for cars and motorbikes.
2007 The share structure is consolidated to two family groups with Stefano Dolcetta (Managing Director) and Alessandro Dolcetta (Vice-President).
2010 Formed joint venture with MES-DEA S.A. called FZ Sonick S.A. to produce sodium nickel chloride batteries.
2014 Entered into lithium-ion battery business.

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>>>Business Report up until FY ended Dec. 31, 2014

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