Rheinmetall AG

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Karl-Schmidt-Strasse, 74172 Neckarsulm, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company is an integrated technology group with a focus on the security technology and mobility markets. For the mobility industry, the Company focuses on the reduction of emissions, pollutants and fuel consumption, reduction of weight and friction, and thermal management systems across passenger and commercial vehicles. The Company is also working on developing E-Mobility and hydrogen drive system products.

-In February 2021, the Company restructured its organization, shifting towards becoming an integrated technology group. As such, the Company discontinued its Defence and Automotive sectors and eliminated the interim holding of Rheinmetall Automotive AG. The Company’s new structure comprised of five divisions as follows: Weapon and Ammunition, Electronic Solutions, Vehicle Systems, Sensors and Actuators, and Materials and Trade. In regards to the automotive market, the Sensors and Actuators division includes the product areas of the former Mechatronics division, while the Material and Trade division will consist of the Bearings, Aftermarket and Castings product areas. In addition, on May 2021, the Pistons business unit was classified as a discontinued operation, as the Company aimed to divest the business unit.

Division Business Units
Vehicle Systems -
Weapon and Ammunition -
Electronic Solutions -
Sensors and Actuators -Actuators
-Automotive Emission Systems
-Commercial Diesel Systems
-Pump Technology
-Solenoid Valves
Materials and Trade -Bearings


-The Company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. (As of Dec. 31, 2021)
Shareholders Equity Capital (%)
European institutional investors 23
North American institutional investors 42
Other institutional investors 3
Private shareholders 17
Treasury Stocks 1
Other 3
Not identified 11
Total 100


Sensors and Actuators

  • Throttle bodies
  • EDM – Electric Drive Modules

-Automotive Emission Systems

  • Secondary air systems
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves
  • Exhaust gas mass flow sensors
  • Exhaust gas coolers
  • Exhaust gas valves
  • Exhaust flaps
  • Reed valves
  • Brushless actuators

-Electrical climate compressors
-Thermal modules
-Electric expansion valves

  • Oil pumps
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Water circulation pumps & coolant pumps

-Solenoid valves

  • Electro-pneumatic valves and modules for pressure and vacuum pneumatic actuators
  • Bypass valves for turbochargers
  • Hydraulic and oil valves
  • Coolant and water valves
  • Fuel tank isolation valves

-Advanced valvetrains

  • DuoCam variable valvetrain on a single camshaft
  • DuoPhase Link - twin output actuator upgrade for DuoCam
  • DuoPhase hydraulic actuator with twin outputs
  • FlexValve advanced camshaft actuated mechanical valvetrain system

-48V and 400V electric traction systems
-48V and high-voltage battery packs
-High-voltage switches
-Underbody protection for electric vehicles
-Battery pack covers
-Bi-polar plates
-AC/DC inverters

Materials and Trade
-Plain bearings

  • Plain bearings
  • Permaglide bearings - bearings with a plastic material applied over a metallic base alloy
  • Continuous casted bearings
  • Special bearings
  • Turned bushings


  • Aluminum engine blocks
  • Finish-machined engine blocks
  • Structural components
  • Transmission parts


  • Pistons for gasoline engines
  • Pistons for commercial vehicle engines
  • Large-bore pistons
  • Small-bore pistons
  • Aluminum pistons
  • Steel pistons
  • Piston systems

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