MAHLE Behr GmbH & Co. KG

Company Profile



Mauserstr. 3, 70469 Stuttgart, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company is a leading supplier of air conditioning and engine cooling systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

-Since the fall of 2013, the Company has been part of the MAHLE Group as the Thermal Systems business unit, currently known as the Thermal Management business unit, which includes the Company's post-merger financial performance. Mahle's acquisition of Delphi Automotive's thermal business in 2015 has complemented the Company's operations.

-The Company also develops, produces, and supplies thermal management systems for batteries, fuel cells, power electronics, and electric drives for electrified vehicles.


-As of December 31, 2022, Mahle GmbH owns a 77.46% share in the Company.


Air conditioning systems
-HVAC modules
-Climatic heat exchangers
-Heater cores
-Comfort vents
-Cabin filters
-Climate control systems
-Storage evaporators
-Evaporator coatings
-Air conditioning control panels
-PTC auxiliary heaters
-High-voltage PTC heaters
-Physio-Control climate control system with customizable temperature and air flow distribution
-Parking air conditioning for trucks
-Fragrance systems
-Cabin filters

Engine cooling systems
-Cooling modules
-Battery cooling modules
-Low temperature radiators
-Control valves
-Charge air coolers
-Expansion tanks
-EGR coolers
-Condenser and KOMO condenser modules
-Visco clutches
-Visco fans
-Visco coolant pumps
-Exhaust gas heat exchangers
-Oil heating and cooling systems
-Electric coolant pumps
-Coolant pump

Other thermal management solutions for e-mobility
-Fluid management modules for EVs
-Electronics cooling plates
-Indirect condensers
-Electric compressors
-Battery cooling plates
-On board charging systems
-Magnet-free Contactless Transmitter (MCT) electric motors
-Electric air-conditioning compressors
-High-voltage heaters (cabin and battery system)
-24 volt coolant pumps
-Superior Continuous Torque (SCT) electric motors
-Oil management modules


Jul. 1998 Formed a joint-venture (Hella-Behr-Fahrzeugsysteme GmbH, Lippstadt) with Hella KG Hueck & Co, lighting specialist to produce front-end modules.
Jan. 1999 Formed a second joint venture (Behr-Hella Thermocontrol GmbH) with Hella.
Apr. 1999 Acquired the Federal-Mogul Corporation's South African heat transfer business.
Nov. 1999 Established a joint venture company with Toyo Radiators, a Japanese engine cooling specialist.
Feb. 2000 The Company and ContiTech formed an agreement to collaborate in producing modular air conditioning fluid systems. As part of the deal Behr sold a 51% stake in the air conditioning hose assemblies company, Kuhner GmbH, to ContiTech, a division of Continental AG.
Jan. 2004 The Company and Shanghai Automotive Co., Ltd. (SA) set up a joint venture Shanghai Behr Thermal Systems Co., Ltd. (SBTS).
Jan. 2004 The Company and Hella KG Hueck & Co, Germany, and Plastic Omnium created the equally owned joint company HBPO to design, develop and produce automotive front-end modules on a just-in-time basis to carmakers
Jan. 2004 The Company formed Dongfeng Behr Thermal Systems Co., Ltd. with the Chinese company Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2004 The Company formed Shanghai Sanden Behr Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. with Sanden.
Late 2005 Established HBPO Korea Ltd.
Jan. 2006 The new DBTS facility in Wuhan was inaugurated.
Jan. 2007 Behr India Ltd. opened a new manufacturing plant at the end of January 2007.
Jul. 2008 The Company announced that Behr-Hella Thermocontrol (BHTC) is investing over EUR 5 million in a new facility for the manufacture of climate control panels.
Jan. 2011 Mahle GmbH acquired a 36.85% share in the Company.
May 2013 Mahle GmbH increased its share in the Company from 36.85% to 51.0%, changing the Company's name from Behr GmbH & Co. KG into "MAHLE Behr GmbH Co. KG."
Aug. 2014 Shenyang Behr Thermal System Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai Sanden Behr Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., began production operations in Datong District, Shenyang, China.
May 2016 Dongfeng Behr Thermal Systems Co., Ltd., a joint venture of Dongfeng Motor Parts And Components Group Co., Ltd., opened its new plant in Shiyan, China.
Mar. 2020 Keihin Corporation (Keihin) announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Company regarding cooperation with respect to the Keihin’s air conditioning business in Japan, South East Asia and North America.
Dec. 2021 emotion3D and Behr-Hella Thermocontrol GmbH (BHTC), a joint venture between MAHLE Behr GmbH & Co. KG and Hella, announced a partnership to offer the solution that combines HMI (Human-Machine Interface) technology with advanced driver and occupant monitoring system.

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