Haldex AB

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Birger Jarlsgatan 6D 114 34 Stockholm, Sweden

Business Overview

-The Company develops, manufactures, and supplies brake and air suspension products and systems for commercial vehicles to improve safety, vehicle dynamics and environmental sustainability.

-The Company operates in two main product areas:

  • Foundation brake: focuses on wheel-end braking products such as disc brakes, brake adjusters for drum brakes and actuators.
  • Air controls: consists of products that improve the safety and driving dynamics of the brake system, such as compressed air dryers, anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and electronic brake systems (EBS).


-ZF CV Systems Global


-From March 2023, SAF Holland SE owns 100% shares of Haldex. Haldex delisted from Nasdaq Stockholm in September 2022.


ABA - Automatic Brake Adjuster
-Automatic brake adjusters
-Self-setting automatic brake adjuster
-Manual brake adjusters

ABS - Anti-lock Brake Systems
-Anti-lock braking system - Trailer
-Anti-lock braking system - Truck/Tractor/Bus


Air disc brakes

Air dryers/Air lines
-Air dryers
-Automatic drain valves
-Alcohol evaporators
-Air line tubing
-Hose assemblies
-Air line fittings

Air treatment systems

Air wiper motors
-Air control valves

Camshafts/Bushing kits
-Drive axle camshafts
-Steer axle camshafts
-Trailer axle camshafts
-Bushing kits



-Backup alarms
-Battery hardware
-Battery jumper cables and ground straps
-Battery terminals
-Breakaway Kits
-Bulk Trailer Cables
-Buzzer Assemblies
-Cable assemblies
-Circuit breaker and bracket assemblies
-Dash Fans
-Electro-pneumatic switches
-Electronic trailer controls
-Interline Nosebox Assemblies
-Junction boxes
-Parallel switches
-Parallel wires
-Plugs and receptacles
-Primary wires
-Shrink tubing
-Split loom tube
-Battery/Starter cables
-Terminal cleaner
-Tie straps

Fan clutches

Friction/Brake hardware
-Air/single web
-Air/double web and cast
-Hydraulic brakes
-Brake hardware kits

Hydraulic brake calipers

Monroe shock absorbers

Power steering gears and pumps

Suspension controls
-Height control valve
-Air control kits

-Pressure converters

-Relay valves
-Hand control valves
-Hydraulic brake valves
-Foot control valves
-Check valves
-Air regulating valves
-Pressure protection valves
-Pressure Relief Valves

-Quick release valves
-Inversion valves
-Drain valves
-Solenoid and isolation air valves
-Tractor ABS valves
-Trailer valves
-Emergency relay valves
-Miscellaneous valves
-TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Water pumps

Air controls
-Parking brake control
-Raising and lowering

Electromechanical brake system


1960 The Company was listed on the Stockholm stock exchange.
1984 The Company changed its name to Garphttan Hasselman AB in January 1984, upon acquisition and merger of Hasselman AB.
Feb. 1987 Present name was adopted.
Dec. 1988 The Company acquired Nacov Hydraulic Systems AB.
Jan. 1989 The Company's wire-producing operations located in Garphyttan, were organized in a separate company under the name of Garphyttan Wire AB (formerly Hassellman AB).
Aug. 1989 The Company acquired Schabmuller GmbH, Germany.
Jan. 1990 The Company's electro hydraulic manufacturing in Sweden, was organized in a separate company under the name of Garphyttan Hasselman AB.
Nov. 1990 The Company acquired the international gear pump operations of Vickers with production facilities in Hof, Germany and in Statesville, North Carolina, the United States.
1991 The Company sold its Taximeter operations.
1992 The Company discontinued its odometer product line, due to a change in tax regulations for diesel-powered vehicles.
1993 Investor AB sold its 19.4% shareholding in the Company.
Feb. 1998 The Company acquired Midland-Grau Heavy Duty System.
Sep. 2001 Haldex Hydraulic Systems acquired all patents and other assets from the Canadian R&D company Micro Hydraulics Inc.
Oct. 2001 The Company acquired the business of the Italian agent PAGG srl with yearly sales of SEK 60m to strengthen its presence in the Italian vehicle market.
Dec. 2001 The Company signed a purchase agreement to acquire two business units from the Holland Group, Michigan, USA. One unit encompasses the air brake actuator product line with the Anchorlok brand name and production in Mexico. The other unit consists of a range of suspension control valve products with the Neway brand name and production in USA.
Jun. 2009 The Company divested the Garphyttan Wire division to Suzuki Metal Industry Co, a Japanese manufacturer of steel wire products on June 1, 2009.
Jan. 2011 The Company sold the Traction Systems division to BorgWarner.
Jun. 2011 The Company spun off the Hydraulic Systems division and established Concentric AB.
Feb. 2015 The Company‘s R&D center at the MIRA Technology Park officially opened.
May. 2016 The Company and VIE announce joint venture to develop electromechanical brake systems.
Apr. 2021 The Company and FAST Group announced a joint venture (JV) company to produce and sell ADB (Air Disc Brakes) including aftersales services for truck and bus with primary focus on the China market.
Jun. 2022 SAF-HOLLAND announced a public cash offer to Haldex’s shareholders to transfer their shares in Haldex to SAF-HOLLAND. After completion of the offer, SAF-HOLLAND will become the owner of more than 90 percent of the total number of shares in Haldex.
Sep. 2022 The Company is delisted from Nasdaq Stockholm.
Mar. 2023 SAF Holland SE holds 100% shares of Haldex.

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