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2014 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Valve Sheet Inserts (sintered metal)

Piston Rings

Diamond Like Carbon coating (DLC coating) is widely used in the automotive market to achieve friction reduction on engine components.

Cylinder Liners

Dimple-Based Friction Optimized Surface Technology Liner

Micro-dimples are formed on the inner peripheral sliding surface of the cylinder liner, helping reduce the friction between piston rings and cylinder liners.

Camshafts (sintered metal)

Sintered Inserts for High Pressure Die Cast

Tokyo Motor Show 2013

NPR Technology Roadmap

Dimple-based Friction Optimized Surface Technology (Cylinder Liners)

-Co-developed with Hino Motors. -By forming a dimpled-surface on the cylinder liner inner surface, it was able to reduce friction resistance between the cylinder liner and piston rings, and thereby increased the piston's compression efficiency. This improvement leads to a 3.2% gain in fuel economy on small diesel engine, and it is expected to double the effect on gasoline engines to around 6% improvement.

Assembled Type Sintered Camshafts

Installed vehicles: Subaru Vehicle with BOXER engine. Nissan "Skyline" and other models with VQ35 engine.

Piston Rings

Installed vehicles: Daihatsu "Mira e:S" -NPR supplies Piston Rings to major OEMs around the world almost evenly and achieves global market share of more than 20% which places NPR top of the market share. (according to the Company's own survey)

Valve Seat Inserts

Sintered Parts/Metal Injection Molding Parts

2013 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Cylinder Liners

Assembled Type Sintered Camshafts

Valve Seat Inserts

Piston Rings

Bonding Wire

Valve Rocker Arms

Materials to strengthen bearing

NPR Metal Injection Molding

3D Dust Core

Tokyo Motor Show 2011

Piston system - Piston rings (Low friction eco)

New type narrow width 2pcs oil ring

Piston ring set for latest fuel-efficient gasoline engine

Installed vehicles: Nissan "Serena", "Skyline"

Piston ring set for hybrid gasoline engine

Installed vehicles: Nissan "Fuga Hybrid"

Piston ring set for direct injection turbo charged gasoline engine

Installed vehicles: Nissan "Juke"

Piston ring set for heavy duty diesel engine of post-new long term emission regulation

DLC coated piston rings

New PVD piston rings

Cylinder liner

Composite camshafts

Pump cams

Valve sheet

Needle valves (MIM products)

Roller rocker arms

Valve rocker arms

Motor core

High strength flaky graphite cast iron cylinder liner

Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Continuous Variable Valve Actuator (CVVA) "Reference Model: Patent Pending"
:Great reduction of pumping loss by controlling the air-intake with valve lift volume which replaces the movement of throttle valve. 
:Continuous variability of valve lift became reality by rocking movement of control lever over rocker arm.

Core technology products for CVVA

-Assembly of Sintered Cam Shaft
-Assembled Cam Shaft
-Sintered Valve Sheet
-Rocker Arm