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Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Peripheral Monitoring Device

Peripheral Monitoring Device

Peripheral monitoring camera

Peripheral Monitoring Device

Long-range ultrasonic sensor

Peripheral Monitoring Device

Infrared (IR) camera

Peripheral Monitoring Device

Ultrasonic sensor and ECU

Peripheral Monitoring Device

Forward monitoring camera

Peripheral Monitoring Device

Millimeter-wave radar

Outside Data Utilization Device

C2X vehicle device High-precision locator

Outside Data Utilization Device


Transmission Control Products

Motor module shift-by-wire system Electric oil pump Transmission control unit

Engine Management Products

Electric Power Steering Products

Electric Power Steering Products

Brushless motor controller unit

Electrification Products

On-board charger

Electrification Products


Electrification Products


Charging & Starting Products

Charging & Starting Products

Starter for idling stop system

Charging & Starting Products

Starter (P-R/D4)

Charging & Starting Products

Alternator Motor generator

Lighting Control Module

Lighting Control Module

Driver Sensing Unit

Intelligent Information Panel + Driver Sensing Unit

Multi-bonding Display


Ceatec Japan 2015


Installed Vehicle: Alfa Romeo "Giulietta"

2015 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Active Safety Systems

Long range ultrasonic sensor

-Under development. The product measures the distance and the relative speed against the largest objects up to 8 meter away.

Millimeter-wave radar

-Under development.

Forward looking camera

-Under development. The new camera recognizes vehicles up to 200 meters away and pedestrians up to 100 meters away.

Power modules for automotive inverters

-The Company developed a new J-Series transfer molded power semiconductor modules (T-PM) (650V/100A, 1200V/600A) for motor drive applications in large electric vehicles, and hybrid buses and trucks. Samples of the J-Series T-PM will be released starting in October.

Head-up display

-The Company exhibited its new HUD system, which provides a 17-inch image ahead of 2.1 meters. -The Company is developing LCD as well as laser as a display device. -Resolution: 800x200. Contrast ratio: 1000:1

Ultra-simple HMI in-car device operation

-The predictive agent anticipates the driver's most likely operations on the bases of user history and current conditions. Voice operation also is possible with a "Touch & Voice HMI," which requires the driver to simply issue one voice command. Its newly developed HUD incorporates a 17.2-inch display with brightness of up to 13,000 cd/m2. -The Company aims to commercialize the system in 2018.


-The unit is a car navigation system that incorporates the high-end sound of DAIATONE high-end audio system.

Brushless motor controller unit


Motor generator

Starter for ISS



Gasoline engine control unit

Fuel pump module

Transmission control unit

Motor module for shift-by-wire system

In-vehicle DSRC unit (ETC2.0)

Smart keyless entry system (for vehicles)

Flywheel ACG

Other automotive components

Other automotive components

Ceatec Japan 2014

Demonstration of ultra-simple Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for in-car device operation

-Head Up Display, meter with TFT display and steering switch installed with ultra-simple Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for In-car Device Operation, which predicts operations users are most likely to perform.

Car navigation and audio system


ITS Spot compatible on-board unit with GPS

-Allows cars to communicate with ITS spots in regional infrastructure to provide information.

DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) on-board unit

ITS Spot compatible car navigation system

-Allows cars to communicate with ITS spots in regional infrastructure to provide and display information on screen about traffic, driving conditions, and other features.

2014 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition


Mitsubishi exhibited the concept car at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The EMIRAI 2 xEV is a four-wheel-drive EV with a maximum output of 125kW. It is equipped with three motors, one to drive the front wheels and two to drive the left and right rear wheels independently.

Silicon Carbide Inverter Motor

xEV Motor Type-M & Inverter, EV Motor with Built-In Silicon Carbide Inverter

EV motor system with built-in silicon carbide inverter. All power chips in the inverter are silicon carbide-based.

xEV Motor Controller Unit for Electric Power Steering System

xEV motor Type-S

xEV motor Type-LL

xEV Inverter (Air cooled 4GS)

xEV Inverter (Water cooled 4GL)

New Small &Light Weight Starter

Starter for Stop & Start System with Change of Mind Function

Belt Drive Motor-Generator

New Generation Alternator

2nd Generation Motor Controller Unit for Electric Power Steering System

Fourth Generation (4GS-W) Inverter for Motor Drive

High Density Winding Motor (Type-LL) Stator

High Density Winding Motor (Type-LL) Rotor

Power Modules for Automotive Inverters

Power Modules for Automotive Inverters


Power Modules for Automotive Inverters

J1-Series (6in1 Type)

Power Modules for Automotive Inverters

J1-Series (6in1 Type) with Evaluation PCB and Water Cooling Jacket

Power Modules for Automotive Inverters

J-Series T-PM (2in1 Type) with Water Cooling Jacket

Intelligent Information Panel

The panel displays various information (e.g. meter, camera, applications on smartphone) with optimized layouts depending on situations.

Long Range Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, Forward Monitoring Multi-Functional Sensor Camera

Mitsubishi Electric plans to enter preventive safety and security business by 2020. It aims to commercialize its ultrasonic distance sensors by 2015 and its sensor cameras by 2017.

Tokyo Motor Show 2013

Electric Waste Gate ActuatorElectric Waste Gate Actuator

A wastegate actuator is used to open a bypass or gate in the turbine housing of a turbocharger. Mitsubishi Electric developed its DC motors in-house and supplies electric wastgate actuators to BMW and other car makers via Honeywell and BorgWarner .

Engine Control Unit

Next Generation Magnetic Detection Element (TMR)

Under development

Ignition Coil with ION Current Detection

The ignition coil is used in Mazda Skyactiv-G engines. Installed Vehicles : Mazda "CX-5", "Atenza"

Angle Sensor (Crank Angle Sensor for Magnetized Rotor)

GMR (Giant Magnetoresistance) element, which is more sensitive than traditional element, is used in the sensor.

Motor-Module for Shift-By-Wire

Motor & controller integrated type

Transmission control unit

3rd Generation Intelligent Power Unit for Small-Sized Motor

Air-cooled power unit for mild hybrid technology

Power Module for Automotive Inverter

The new J1-Series power modules feature a compact 6-in-1 package mainly for use in electric and hybrid vehicles. Direct cooling package with cooling fin improves heat radiation by about 40% compared to 2-in-1.

Network System for Body Controls

A body control system controls accessories such as lights and door locks in a vehicle. Mitsubishi Electric developed a new network protocol to contribute to reduction of wires and simplification of accessory installation.

Network System for Body Controls

Automotive Terrestrial Digital TV Tuner for Worldwide Use

Multi-Modal Character Input HMI

Multi-Modal Character Input HMI

Wide View Slim Display

Intelligent Information Panel

Electric Oil Pump

xEV motor type-S, XEV motor controller unit for electric power steering system

xEV motor (SiC inverter integrated)

The xEV motor could be used in HVs, EVs and electric commuter vehicles.

EGR Valve

Major customers : Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Ford, Navistar, Cummins

Micro Air Flow Sensor

2nd Generation Motor Controller Unit for Electric Power Steering System

The EPS system features the Company’s original “Poki-Poki” motor, which optimizes the electromagnetic design, increases coil density, and integrates both the motor and control unit.


Inverter integrated type. For micro hybrid and one motor hybrid technology.

Next Generation Alternator

New Small & Light Starter

For small & medium-sized gasoline engines

Stop/Start Starter for Change of Mind

Motor for Vehicle Drive


GPS mobile mapping system

Concept Car "EMIRAI"

PV-EV Link Power Conditioner

Tokyo Motor Show 2011

Concept Car "EMIRAI"

Traction Motor for HEV and EV

Inverter for HEV and EV

In-vehicle battery charger

Battery Management Unit

The next generation motor controller unit for electric power steering

High-power motor with no rare-earth magnet

Automotive Navigation System & Blu-ray Disc Player

JSAE 2008

Millimeter-wave Radar
(Under development)
Smart Engine Starting System for Two-wheel Vehicles
Image Image
EPS Motors Integrated Intelligent Power Drive Unit for HEV (2G IPU)
Image 1
Image 2(With brush for mini vehicles)
Image 3(With brush for small vehicles)
Image 4(Brushless EPS motor integrated with ECU
9G alternator Belt driven MG (Motor Generator) for Idle-Stop Vehicles (Under development)
Image   Image