Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group Company Business Report FY ended Dec. 2012

Business Highlights

 Business Overview 

- Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Company, sold 452,000 transmissions, with a reduction of 35.5%.(From the Company's 2012 annual report)

- The Company's production and sales revenue both exceeded 5 billion yuan, production and sales of auto transmission both over 290,000 units during the first seven months. In July, the sales income accounts 612 million yuan in July, 18.88% growth compared with last year. The industrial output value reaches 603 million yuan, 10.68% rise with last year.(From a press release, Aug 13, 2012)

- In 2011, the Company reached sales of 10.856 billion yuan, sold 701,018 transmissions and achieved export of 40.28million dollars.(From a press release, April 6, 2012) 

Capacity expansion

- Recently, the company completed its first phrase of revamping production lines and increased an additional capacity of 4,000 units H400B hydro dynamic retarders.  (From a press release on February 1, 2013)

New facility
-Xi'an FC Intelligence Transmission Co., Ltd., which is a commercial vehicle transmission joint venture formed by Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd. and Caterpillar Investment Co., Ltd. in 2011, moved into the new facility at the Xian High-Tech Industries Development Zone on January 18. The joint venture will thereafter install production equipment, produce prototypes and conduct sales activities. The company will become China’s first supplier of hydraulic automatic transmissions for heavy-duty vehicles. (From a press release, January 21, 2013)

-The Company’s manufacturing base for buses has been fully completed and its independent research and development transmissions 6DS80T 6DS100T 6DS150TA 6DS180T are put into mass production. The Fast Gear independently developed lightweight transmissions has been successfully equipped with more than 330 models for more than 50 domestic bus makers. (From a press release on November 2, 2012)

Joint venture
- On July 6, 2012, the Company and Shell China signed an agreement to form a strategic business alliance in the area of lubricant technology. The two companies are going to form a full-scale collaboration for the purpose of developing their automotive and energy-related business together. Based on the agreement, Shell will offer to Shaanxi Fast lubricant oil solution to help engineer new products and technologies, while also providing support to increase its sales. Shaanxi Fast, on its part, will help selling Shell’s products using its after service network, while accelerating its global expansion plan by taking advantage of the Shell brand. (From a press release, July 9, 2012)


- Xi'an FC Intelligence Transmission Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group Company, has started supplying its CX series transmission systems, which are China’s first 6-speed hydraulic automatic transmission for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. These products are being delivered to Shanxi Heavy Automobile, Beiben Heavy-duty Truck, Yangzhou Shengda Special Type Vehicle, Suzhou King Long and other customers. In addition, the company is currently in talks with other Chinese heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers such as FAW, Auman, and Dongfeng. The CX series transmissions targeted at the international market are designed to meet the U.S. and European standards. The FC6A80/100 (CX22), the FC6A140/180 (CX28) and the C6A210/250 (CX31), which are the first of its kind in the global industry to feature the rear-mount power take-off system, are suitable for use on heavy-duty trucks, construction vehicles, heavy-duty buses, special purpose vehicles with torque levels between 600N.m and 3000N.m. They offer excellent fuel economy, superior operational efficiencies, shorter acceleration time, high loading capacity and space saving attributes. (From a press release, March 7, 2013)

Exhibition Products
- Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group Company showcased its new 6DS transmission and FH400B hydro dynamic retarder at the China International Bus and Parts Exhibition (Nanjing) 2012. The exhibition featuring green technology and low carbon energy was participated by 26 bus manufacturers and more than 100 global parts manufacturers. The company’s booth was visited by top officials of King Long United (Suzhou), Foton AUV Bus and Shuchi Bus, as well as industry’s specialists, who placed a great value on the company’s products, showing interests in stepping up collaborations. (From a press release, April 8, 2012)


- Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group Company has received the Excellent Service Award for 2012 from Yutong Bus at the automaker’s supplier meeting. (From a press release, March 7, 2013)


Recent developments

- Heavy-duty vehicle, mechanical automatic transmission (AMT)

R&D structure

- The Company's total amount of R&D spending per year is equivalent to approximately 5 percent of its overall sales.
- The total number of R&D staff as of December 2008 is 500.

R&D Facilities 

Gear & Driveline Research Institute
Processing Research Institute
Product Test Labs
Multi-condition test road for trucks
Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Engineering Technology Research Center

Product development
- The Company, which recently developed and started mass production of the FH400B inline hydraulic dynamic retarders, said it has successfully made prototypes of the FHB320A parallel hydraulic dynamic retarders after working on the development project for nearly a year. The parallel type system designed specially for medium- and heavy-duty trucks is lighter in weight compared with the existing FH400B in-line system, while offering a grater variety of applications. The major benefit of the new system is that it does not have a negative impact on the performance of the rear power take off system. The FHB320A retarders with the maximum torque of 3,200Nm are suited for use in construction vehicles, dumper trucks, and other specialty vehicles, which often require use of rear power take off systems. Both FH400B and the FHB320A hydraulic dynamic retarders are for trucks of 12 tons or more. (From news releases issued by multiple sources on August 3, 2012)

- Xi'an FC Intelligence Transmission Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group Company, successfully produced its first CX series hydraulic automatic transmission for heavy-duty vehicles on June 19, 2012. No other Chinese manufacturer has ever produced a transmission of its kind. The CX series transmission with a rear mount power take off system offers superior maneuverability and improved torque ratio, while requiring less installation space. The company says it aims to release and mass-produce the CX series in the near future. (From a press release, June 29, 2012)

- The company, which has been working on developing and producing lighter vehicle parts, is receiving high evaluations from Chinese heavy-duty truck manufacturers. Its original 9-, 10-, 12-, 16- and 20-speed transmissions with gearbox cases made from all-aluminum alloy material were chosen for installation on various heavy-duty truck models, including the FAW Jiefang J6, Dongfeng Tianlong, Foton Ouman 6, Shaanxi Delong F3000, Beiben V3 and C&C Trucks for their lightweight design and energy saving attributes. In addition, its new 6DS and other new transmission series are used not only on large trucks but also on buses manufactured by Yutong, Jinhua Youngman, and Jinglong. Adoption of the company’s newly developed twin countershaft greatly contributed to lessening the load on the gear, bearing and case, thereby downsizing and reducing the weight of the gear and the whole transmission system. In a move to further advance its weight reduction initiative, the company is investing in introducing 2,700-ton and 600-ton die-casting production lines from Italy, as well as moldless casting technology from the U.S. (From a press release, June 5, 2012)

- Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group Company has conducted trial production of three new 6J70T synchronizers technologies it developed on its own: the 1-2 speeds, 3-4 speeds, and 5-6 speeds types. The addition of these synchronizers to the company’s product lineup and shifting to in-house production will allow the company to slash procurement cost significantly. (From a press release, May 12, 2012)

Investment Activities

Major investment projects

Project Planned amount of investment Status
(as of Dec. 2011 )
Revamping production lines making steering products at Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd. 382.13 under construction
Revamping production lines manufacturing transmissions at Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd. 54.01 under construction


New plant

- The Company is investing 680 million yuan in building a new plant at the Xianyang Automobile Industrial Park, Qindu District, Xianyang City to produce transmission synchronizers. The plant's annual production capacity is expected to reach 1.35 million sets. After its completion, it can offer 1000 jobs. (From a press release,September 8, 2011)