Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group Company

Company Profile



Western part of Daqing Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

Business Overview

-The Company is the world's largest supplier of transmissions used in heavy-duty vehicles. It mainly manufactures automotive transmissions, hydro dynamic retarders, synchronizers, power take-off systems, gears, castings and forging products.

-In 2017, the Company will have an output value of over CNY 18 billion, a 70% y/y increase.

-As of December 31st, 2017, the Company has the capacity to manufacture 1 million transmissions, 50 million gears and 100,000 tons of forging parts per year.

-As of December 31st, 2017, the Company has the supply agreements with enterprises in over ten countries and districts such as America, Australia, and East Europe. The Company's shares in Chinese market are over 70%, amounted to 7 million units.


Intelligent Products
Complete seatsHydraulic retarders
Electronically controlled mechanical type AMTs

New Energy Resource Products Series
Series transmissions

Transmissions for Heavy Trucks
All-aluminum housing all synchronized transmissions
Hydraulic AMTs

Transmissions for medium&light trucks

Transmissions for Buses
Single counter shaft transmissions
Double counter shaft transmissions
All-aluminum housing transmissions

Diaphragm spring clutches
Pull-type diaphragm spring clutches

Power take-off systems
Forging products


1968 Shaanxi Auto Gear General Works was established.
1984 The Company introduced Eaton Corporation's Fuller transmission technology and established a new plant to manufacture twin countershaft transmissions in Xi'an.
Sep. 2001 The Company, Shaanxi Auto Gear General Works, and Torch Automobile Group Co., Ltd. jointly established Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd.
Sep. 2001 The Company established Baoji Fast Gear Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2004 The Company and Eaton Corporation of the U.S.A. jointly established Eaton Fast Gear (Xi'an) Co., Ltd. This joint-venture company was dissolved in 2007.
Feb. 2004 The Company established Xi'an Fast Auto Drive Co., Ltd. This new facility launched mass-production in September, 2005.
Dec. 2005 The Company reorganized its business structure and adopted a new name, Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group Company.
Apr. 2007 Weichai Power Co., Ltd. absorbed Torch Automobile Group, thereby acquiring  a 51 percent ownership in Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd.
May. 2010 The Company established Xianyang Precision Machinery Branch.
Apr. 2011 The Company established Xi'an FC Intelligence Transmission Co., Ltd.with Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd. and Caterpillar Investment Co., Ltd. 
Sep. 2013 Fast Auto Drive (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the Company's first overseas production base, broke ground in Rayong Thailand.
Jan. 2014 Xi'an FC Intelligence Transmission, a joint-venture between the Company and Caterpillar, began commercial production.
Jul. 2014 Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd., a joint venture of the Company, and Eaton Corporation announced in July 2014 that they signed a contract in Xi'an to set up a new joint venture company Fast Eaton (Xi'an) Drive Systems Co., Ltd. It is 51% funded by Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd. with the remaining 49% held by Eaton.
Oct. 2014 Fast Auto Drive (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary in Thailand, has begun production operations with the capacity to produce 30,000 transmissions per year.
Apr. 2017 The Company started construction of its plant in Baoji. The plant will produce light transmissions and NEV transmissions.
Feb. 2018 The Company's smart transmission system subsidiary in Shaanxi was established.

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