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North American International Auto Show 2014

Defender - for passenger car, minivan

Pilot Sport A/S 3 - High performance sport tire

Pilot Super Sport - High performance sport tire

X-Ice Xi3 - Winter tire

LTX M/S2 - for SUV, crossover, light truck

LTX A/T2 - for SUV, crossover, light truck

Latitude Tour - for SUV, crossover

Primacy MXM4 - Luxury performance touring

2013 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Pilot Sport Cup 2

Latitude Sport

Latitude Alpin LA2

Primacy 3

Pilot Alpin PA4

Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2013

Sports tire

Installed vehicle: Porsche “Cayenne”

OTR tire

Tubeless tire “X MULTI D”

U-series tire

A-series tire

All-wheel tubeless tire “X LINE ENERGY Z”

2009 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Michelin Active Wheel

Michelin Active Wheel incorporates four functions: a motive power, an active suspension device, a braking force, and a tire. -By integrating all essential components into the wheel itself, this product eliminates the need for an engine under the front or rear hood, a traditional suspension system, transmission components and a gearbox. Example 17'' wheel: -Traction motor integrated in the wheel: >power (continuous): 30kW >maximal power: 60kW-20 seconds - Light mass: 7Kg -Contribution of traction motor to vehicle braking (0%>>>100%) -Active suspension device >suspension travel: 145 mm >control by electric motor -Unspring mass: 32kg -A single attachment point to the chassis -The key to a significant simplification of vehicle design

Tokyo Motor Show 2005

The Company displayed a "Michelin Tweel" a Japan premiere as the next generation non-pneumatic tire, and a PAX system. These displays were focused on the combination of improvement of safety and protecting environment.

(Michelin Tweel) "Japan Premier"
All-in one type tire meaning no separation of tire and wheel is made of the tread band and flexible spokes. It performs like a pneumatic radial tire. In addition, the lateral stiffness is dramatically improved. A flexible new wheel using polyurethane and glass-reinforced plastics provides suspension functions. And by fusing the tire and wheel together, the Company managed to eliminate some complex systems. The Company targets to launch this solution in the market within 10 to 15 years.

Michelin PAX System
The run-flat system is composed of tire wheel, core cylinder and air pressure sensor. Adapting the bead seating structure resulted the superior safety and maneuverability as well as less tire roll when compared to a traditional side wall reinforced tire. This system tire is designed to never separate from the rim, even with the occurrence of a sudden flat. You can drive up to minimum 200 km at 80 km/h. There is increasing OEM installation in Japan.

EnTire TPMS (Warning System for Inflation Pressure)
EnTire Solution LLC, a company that the Company and TRW established, jointly developed this monitoring system for inflation pressure. The built-in sensor in the tire valve makes a periodical detect of pneumatic temperature and pressure. In the vent of trouble, the sensor gives a driver warning sign. This is a key system for the run-flat system like PAX.