Bosch (Robert Bosch LLC)

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38000 Hills Tech Drive, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48331 USA

Business Overview

-The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. It develops and produces systems including fuel injection systems, powertrain control devices, alternative drive systems, safety systems, in-vehicle information and communication systems. The Company’s Mobility Solutions sector is currently focused on automated, reduced emission, connected and personalized vehicle technologies.

-The Company is organized into four different business sectors as follows:

  • Mobility Solutions 
  • Industrial Technology
  • Consumer Goods
  • Energy and Building Technology

-In the fiscal year ended December 31, 2022, the Company’s Mobility Solutions business sector had USD 9 billion in sales which comprised 60% of its total sales, compared to the USD 7.9 billion in sales which comprised 59% of its total sales in the previous fiscal year.

-The Company is currently in the process of restructuring its Mobility Solutions business sector into the Bosch Mobility business sector. The reorganization is set to take effect beginning January 1, 2024.


-The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH.


Powertrain Solutions
Powertrain systems
-Direct injection systems
-Port fuel injection systems
-Flex fuel port injection systems
-Flexstart systems
-Bifuel CNG systems
-CNG systems
-Hybrid and electric drives

Fuel injection management
-Common rail systems
-Unit injector systems
-Injection nozzles
-Low-pressure systems
-High-pressure pumps
-High-pressure injectors
-Axial-piston and radial-piston distributor pumps
-Unit Pump Systems (UPS) for commercial vehicles
-Single-cylinder injection pumps for commercial vehicles
-In-line pumps for commercial vehicles

Electronic throttle control: ETC/EGAS
-Accelerator pedal modules
-Electronic throttle bodies

Engine management for manifold injection

Electric and hybrid systems
-High-voltage DC/DC converters
-Powertrain domain controller/vehicle control units
-48V electrical power pack modules
-48V batteries
-Pedal-travel sensors
-Scalable electric drive modules
-Flexible charging cables
-Linear-force solenoids
-Electric drivetrain transmissions

Fuel cell systems
-Fuel-cell control units
-Fuel-cell stacks
-Anode recirculation blowers
-Hydrogen gas injectors
-Hot-film air-mass meters

Fuel supply
-Electric fuel pumps
-In-tank fuel pump units
-Fuel injectors
-Fuel-supply modules
-Renewable synthetic fuels

Modules and engine components
-Diagnosis modules for fuel tank leakage
-Cylinder head covers
-Oil separators
-Canister purge valve (TEV)
-Electric air compressors
-Plug-in connections
-Secondary air pumps
-Intake modules

-Single-spark ignition coils
-Ignition coil modules

Transmission technologies
-Power system actuation
-ECU actuators and modules
-ECUs for automated shift transmissions
-Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) pushbelts
-Dedicated hybrid continuously variable transmission (DH-CVT)
-ECUs for CVT
-Variable-force transmission solenoids
-Direct electric shift controls
-Transmission speed sensors


Start/Stop systems
-Boost Recuperation System (BRS)

-Engine management sensors
-Exhaust management sensors
-Transmission speed sensors

High voltage batteries

Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Glow systems
-Glow control units
-Glow plugs

Air management systems
-Intake air management systems
-Throttle valve controls
-Exhaust gas recirculation actuators
-Plastic control flaps for diesel engines
-Swirl actuators
-Boost pressure actuators
-Exhaust gas turbocharger actuators
-Hot-film air-mass meters (HFM)
-Air temperature sensors
-Boost pressure sensors
-Particle sensors
-NOx sensors
-Lambda sensors
-Electronic throttle valves
-Accelerator-pedal modules

Exhaust gas cleaning
-NOx catalytic converters
-Accumulator-type NOx catalytic converters
-Particulate filter systems
-Denoxtronic SCR systems
-Sensors for Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
-Dosing modules
-Exhaust gas treatment systems with double-inject technology

Chassis Systems Control

Braking systems
-Vacuum pumps
-Combined oil-vacuum pumps and fuel-vacuum pumps
-Brake boosters
-Brake discs
-iDisc brake disc with reduced brake dust emissions
-Integrated power brakes
-Electric brake boosters
-Tandem master cylinders
-Hydraulic boosters
-Variable oil pumps
-Mechanical brake assist EVA (Emergency Valve Assist)
-Cooperative regenerative braking systems
-iBooster electromechanical boosters

Active safety systems
-Antilock Braking System (ABS) 
-Traction control systems
-Electric Stability Program (ESP)
-Vehicle Dynamics Management (VDM) systems
-Occupant protection systems

Automated and driver assistance systems
-Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
-Intelligent headlight control systems
-Road sign recognition systems
-Parking aid systems
-Side view assist systems
-Night Vision Plus - Active infrared night vision systems
-Driver drowsiness detection systems
-Predictive emergency braking systems
-Lane change assist systems
-Lane departure warning systems
-Lane keeping support systems
-Predictive pedestrian protection systems
-Construction zone assist systems
-Rear cross traffic alert systems
-Blind spot detection systems
-Mid-range and long-range radars
-Ultrasonic sensors
-Multi-purpose cameras
-Near-range cameras
-Stereo video camera systems
-myDriveAssist app
-Garage park assist systems
-Home zone park assist systems
-Remote park assist systems
-Traffic jam assist systems
-Highway assist systems
-Cloud-based wrong-way driver warning systems
-Intelligent headlight control systems
-Evasive steering support systems
-Left turn assist systems
-Emergency braking and maneuver systems
-Automated valet parking systems
-Multi-camera systems
-Rear view systems
-Interior monitoring systems
-Predictive road condition services
-Driver assistance system domain controllers

Passive safety systems
-Crash detection systems
-Airbag control units
-Pedestrian protection systems
-Secondary collision mitigation systems
-Advanced rollover sensors
-Side pole crash detection systems
-Two-channel acceleration sensors
-Peripheral pressure sensors
-Pressure tube sensors
-Peripheral sensor interfaces
-Airbag control sensors
-Peripheral acceleration sensors
-Pedestrian contact sensors

Electrical Drives
Window and roof actuators
-Window lift drives
-Sunroof drives

Seating and comfort actuators
-Seat actuators and drives
-Comfort actuators
-Steering column drives
-Tailgate drives
-Pressure- or flow-activated direct electric shift controls

Thermal management systems
-Climate control systems

  • Blower control units
  • Blower modules
  • Air conditioning systems

-Engine thermal management components

  • Blower modules
  • Engine cooling drives
  • Engine cooling pumps
  • Engine cooling valves
  • Electric coolant pumps
  • Air conditioning blower motors
  • Coolant switch valves

Wiper systems
-Front and rear wiper drives for various windshield and window sizes
-Wiper arms
-Wiper blades

Cross-Domain Computing Solutions
Car Hi-Fi Systems
-In-vehicle video
-Sound systems

Information and navigation systems
-Screen-based dynamic navigation systems
-Radio Hi-Fi navigation systems
-Smart navigation systems
-3D artMap navigation systems
-Eco.Logic horizon navigation and driver assistance systems
-Navigation apps
-Infotainment systems
-mySPIN - Smartphone integration systems
-Integrated connectivity clusters
-Voice control systems

Connectivity systems
-Connected Horizon route forecast systems
-Connectivity control units
-Central gateway module

Display systems
-Head-up Displays (HUD)
-Programmable instrument clusters
-neoSense tactile feedback displays
-DualView displays
-Anti-glare display screens
-3D displays
-Human-machine interfaces (HMI)
-Head units

Automotive Electronics
-Multiplex systems
-Electric/Electronic architectures
-12V DC-DC converters
-Body computer modules
-Power electronics


-IP modules

-Body electronic control units
-Braking control systems
-Engine management systems
-Various control units

Automotive Steering
-Steering gears for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
-Pumps for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
-Electro Hydraulic Power Steering systems (EHPS)
-Electric Power Steering systems (EPS)
-Servolectric electric power steering systems
-Servotronic electronically controlled rack-and-pinion steering systems
-Active steering systems
-Manual adjust steering columns
-Electric adjust steering columns
-Steering angle sensors
-Steering torque sensors
-Rack and pinion power steering systems
-Intermediate shafts
-Universal joints
-Vane pumps
-Variable displacement pumps
-Tandem pumps for commercial vehicles
-Radial piston pumps for commercial vehicles

Connected Mobility Solutions
-Wireless key management systems
-Predictive Diagnostic software solutions
-Community-based connected parking solutions
-Connected charging solutions
-V2X connectivity control units
-Perfectly Keyless digital vehicle access system
-Road signature systems provided crowdsourced localization

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