Asahi Tec Corporation

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1569-1 Kamisaigo, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka-ken 436-0342, Japan

Business Overview

-The Light Alloy Products Division is in charge of engine intake parts for passenger cars, truck drivetrain parts, and aluminum wheels for passenger cars and motorcycles.

-In January 2017, ATA Casting Technology Japan Co., Ltd. was transferred to Daido Metal Co., Ltd.
-In April 2018, all the shares held by Asahi Tec Aluminum Co., Ltd. and Hoei Corporation were transferred to Ryobi.
-In May 2018, the company became a 100% subsidiary of Topy Industries Limited.


-Unlisted company


Aluminum Wheels


Aug. 1938 Asahi Imono Kojo reorganized to form Asahi Katan K.K.
Jan. 1950 Became a Nippon Gaishi Co., Ltd. subsidiary.
Jun. 1958 Start producing aluminum alloy casting.
Feb. 1961 Listed on the Second Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange. Constructed the Toyokawa Plant to increase forgeable cast iron production.
Nov. 1961 Invested in Asahi Tanzo Co., Ltd.
Nov. 1964 Constructed the Kikukawa-South Plant to increase aluminum alloy casting production.
Jun. 1976 Established Asahi Keigoukin Co., Ltd., a 100% owned subsidiary specializing in aluminum wheel production.
May 1978 Capital participation in Hoei Kogyo K.K.
Dec. 1980 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Sep. 1987 Became a Nippon Gaishi affiliate (formerly a subsidiary).
Mar. 1989 Established Asahi Somboon Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Nov. 1989 Renamed as Asahi Tec Corporation.
Nov. 1990 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo and Nagoya Stock Exchanges.
Sep. 1991 Took over the operations of its subsidiary, Asahi Keigoukin Co.
Sep. 1995 Constructed the Yokoji Plant to increase aluminum alloy casting production capacity.
Aug. 1998

The Company changed its accounting period: June 1 through May 31 to April 1 through March 31.

Apr. 1999 April 1999 become a subsidiary of NGK Insulators, Ltd. as a result of a newly applied accounting principal regarding consolidation.
Aug. 1999 Sold operations of a subsidiary, Asahi Tanzo Co. to Matec Co.
May 2000 Constructed a Technical Center in the Yokoji Plant.
May 2003 Ripplewood Holdings LLC, a US based investment-banking firm, bought into the Company.
Oct. 2003 Established a joint venture, Dicastal Asahi Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2005 Consolidated subsidiaries changed their names: Asahi Somboon Aluminum Co., Ltd. was changed to Asahi Tec Aluminum (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and Asahi Somboon Metals Co., Ltd. was changed to Asahi TEC Metals (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2005 RHJ International S.A. became the parent company by acquiring the Company's stock
Feb. 2006 Acquired a major stake in Techno-Metal Co., Ltd. to make it a subsidiary of the company.
Jan. 2007 The Company invested in Metaldyne Corporation to make it a subsidiary of the company.
Mar. 2007 Following the issuance overseas of new shares of common stock of Asahi Tec, voting rights held by its parent body, RHJ International SA/NV, was thus reduced in relation to the shares issued. Upon the closing, RHJ International was categorized as a minor shareholder, or now as one of the other affiliate companies.
The Company established Wheelhorse Asahi Aluminum Co., Ltd., a joint venture company.
Jul. 2008 The Company issued its stock by means of third party allocation. As a result, RHJ International S.A., which used to be a disinterested company, became the parent company of the Company.
May 2009

The Company removed Metaldyne from its consolidated financial statements, following Metaldyne Corporation and its 30 subsidiaries filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Apr. 2010 The Company spun off its Electric Power Equipment Division, turning it into Asahi Tech TDM Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2012 ACT Holdings II, which is under the umbrella of the Unison Capital Group, acquired all of the shares in the Company, making it its new subsidiary.
Jul. 2012 The Company's stock was delisted from the stock market.
Jun. 2015 The Company completed the transfer of its consolidated subsidiary, Asahi Tec Metals Co., Ltd., Techno-Metal Co., Ltd., and Asahi Tec Metals (Thailand) Co., Ltd., to Amtek Auto Limited of India.
Oct. 2015 Corporate split of Japan Domestic Aluminum Casting Business to Asahi Tec Aluminum Co.,Ltd.
May 2016 Corporate split of Technology department of Aluminum Company to ATA Casting Technology Japan Co.,Ltd.
Jul. 2016 Corporate split of Aluminum business of Asahi Tec Aluminum(Thailand) Co.,Ltd. to ATA Casting Technology Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2017 Transferred ATA Casting Technology Japan to Daido Metal Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2018 All shares owned by Asahi Tec Aluminum Co., Ltd. and Hoei Corporation were transferred to Ryobi Corporation.
May. 2018 Became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Topy Industries Limited.
Mar. 2021 Relocated head office to Kakegawa.

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