Metaldyne Performance Group Inc.

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One Towne Square, Suite 550, Southfield, MI, 48076, USA

Business Overview

-In April 2017, American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) completed the acquisition process of Metaldyne Performance Group (MPG). As a result, MPG became a wholly owned subsidiary of AAM.

-The Company manufactures highly engineered metal components for powertrain and safety-critical applications in the light, commercial, and industrial vehicle markets.

-The Company is organized into three segments:

  • HHI: Manufactures highly engineered metal-based components used in powertrain and safety-critical applications primarily for the North American light vehicle market.
  • Metaldyne: Manufactures highly engineered metal-based components for powertrain applications in global light vehicle markets.
  • Grede: Manufactures cast, machined and assembled components for light, commercial, and industrial vehicle markets.

-The Company was formed through the merger of three metal-forming manufacturing companies: HHI Holdings; Metaldyne, LLC; and Grede Holdings. The Company's majority owner, American Securities LLC, and its affiliates acquired HHI Holdings in October 2012; Metaldyne, LLC in December 2012; and Grede Holdings in June 2014. The merger of the three companies was completed in August 2014.


Competitors based on manufacturing technology and process

Advanced machining and assembly BorgWarner, GKN, Linamar, Magna
Aluminum die casting Aisin, Dongnam Precision, Ryobi
Cold and warm forging American Axle, Hirschvogel, Linamar, Sona BLW
Hot forging American Axle, Amtek, Hirschvogel, Linamar
Iron casting Metal Technologies Inc., Neenah Enterprises, Waupaca
Powder metal forming GKN, Mahle, Miba
Rubber and viscous dampening assemblies Knorr-Bremse, Vibracoustic, Winkelmann


-The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The Company’s IPO took place on December 12, 2014. As of December 31, 2015, American Securities and its affiliates own 75.7% of the Company’s outstanding common stock.


Engine products
-Connecting rods
-Rubber dampers
-Balance shaft systems
-Viscous dampers
-Dual-mode rubber dampers
-Variable cam timing components
-Piston cooling jets
-Bearing caps
-Fracture-split camshaft caps
-Isolation pulleys
-Variable oil pump components
-Exhaust manifolds
-Turbocharger housings
-Scissor gears
-Camshaft pulleys
-Damped gears
-Crankshaft sprockets
-Timing sprockets
-Crankshaft dampers
-Bearing housings
-Turbine housings
-Engine brackets

Transmission products
-Valve bodies
-End cover assemblies
-Differential assemblies
-Clutch assemblies
-Hollowed shafts
-Stator shafts
-Powder metal carriers
-Input/Output hubs
-Differential gears
-Differential cases
-Transfer gears
-Idler gears with integral park gears
-Profilated annulus ring gears
-Annulus ring gears
-Input gears
-Drive pinions
-Transmission pump bodies

Driveline products
-Differential cases
-Integrated axle tubes
-Axle carriers
-Ring & pinion gear forgings
-Wheel hubs
-Brake calipers
-Sliding sleeves
-Splined sleeves
-Powder metal transfer case sprockets
-Axle hypoid stem pinions
-Axle hypoid ring gears
-Transaxle final drive gears
-AWD gears
-AWD levers

Suspension products
-Ball joint housings
-Wheel spindle assemblies
-Caliper anchor brackets
-Spring brackets
-Steering knuckles
-Control arms
-Tie rods


Oct. 2012 American Securities LLC acquired HHI Holdings.
Dec. 2012 American Securities LLC acquired Metaldyne, LLC.
Jun. 2014 American Securities LLC acquired Grede Holdings.
Aug. 2014 Completed merger of HHI Holdings; Metaldyne, LLC; and Grede Hodlings to form Metaldyne Performance Group Inc.
Dec. 2014 Launched IPO on the New York Stock Exchange.

Supplemental Information 1

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>>>Business Report up until FY ended March 31, 2014 (Metaldyne, LLC)
>>>Business Report FY ended Dec. 31, 2014 (Metaldyne Performance Group)

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