Topy Industries, Ltd.

Company Profile



Art Village Osaki Central Tower, 1-2-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8634, Japan

Business Overview

-The Company is a general group engaged in metal processing, which has an integrated production organization that included the production of raw materials to final product processing.

-The Company's business operations are comprised of the following four segments.

  • Steel Business (supplies materials)
  • Automotive and Industrial Machinery Components Business (conducts processing operations)
  • Power Business
  • Other Business

-The Automotive and Industrial Machinery Parts Business manufactures and sells steel wheels, aluminum wheels, and automotive stamped parts.

Financial Overview

-In FY ended March 2016, the Company generated consolidated sales of JPY 215.87 billion, which was a 9.2% decrease on a year-over-basis (y/y). The Group’s operating profit was JPY 10 billion (a 55.7% increase y/y), and ordinary profit was JPY 8.80 billion (a 45.8% increase y/y). It posted a net loss (attributable to owners of parent company) of JPY 1.7 billion (a decrease of 27.9% y/y) due primarily to extraordinary losses incurred from facility integrations in China.

<Automotive and Industrial Machinery Components Business>
-Sales were JPY 134.09 billion (a 11.2% decrease y/y), and operating profit was JPY 5.32 billion (a 23.1% decrease y/y). Sales fell especially in the construction machinery underbody parts business due to slowing demand for construction machines in China and other emerging markets. Sales of wheels for passenger cars, particularly for mini vehicles, declined as well.

-In Nov.2016, the Company and MW Italia S.R.L. (MW), an Italian steel wheel manufacturer, have agreed to reinforce their alliance. The two companies intend to work more closely especially in Japan and Europe, aiming to expand their global supply of common platform steel wheels from each of its production sites.

-The Company focuses its R&D activities on new products and solutions that reduce weight, improve design, enhance quality, and cut costs. The Company achieved favorable results for its mainstay products, namely automotive steel and aluminum wheels, in terms of increasing the analysis and evaluation accuracy, developing and mass-producing new products, and cutting costs and improving the quality of existing products. Approximately JPY 457 million was spent on R&D activities for the Automotive and Industrial Machinery Components Business.

Mid-term Consolidated Management Plan (Growth & Change 2018)

In its new mid-term business plan for April 2016-March 2019, the Company is aiming to achieve annual sales of JPY 250 billion (a 15.8% increase from FY 2015) and an operating profit of JPY 14 billion (a 40% increase from FY ended March 2016).

<Automotive and Industrial Machinery Components Business>

Enhancement of global presence and business expansion for sustainable growth

  • Strengthen strategic alliances with overseas partners for the wheel business
  • US: Expand steel wheel capacity for passenger cars
  • Mexico: Expand steel wheel capacity for passenger cars
  • Mexico: Start production at new industrial fastener plant (scheduled for January 2017)
  • Vietnam: Strengthen industrial fastener capacity


-Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Nagoya Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 31, 2016)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp. 20.01
Topy Fund 4.16
Meiji Yusuda Life Insurance Company 4.05
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 3.38
Japan Trustee Services Bank Ltd. (Trust Account) 3.37
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. 3.27
Resona Bank, Limited 2.45
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc. 2.39
Employees Stockholding 2.33
Total 47.62


-Steel wheels for passenger cars
-Steel wheels for trucks and buses
-Aluminum wheels for passenger cars
-SGOR: Super Giant Off the Road Rim

Stamping Parts
-Trunks lids
-Rear doors


Oct. 1921 Miya Steelworks was established.
Sep. 1926 Tokyo Shearing Co., Ltd. was established.
Dec. 1934 Tokyo Sharin Seisakusho Co., Ltd. was established.
Oct. 1941 Tokyo Sharin Seisakusho Co., Ltd. and Abe Tekkosho Co., Ltd. merged, becoming Sharin Kogyo Co., Ltd.   
Oct. 1943 Miya Steelworks and Tokyo Shearing Co., Ltd. merged, becoming Toto Seiko Co., Ltd.
Jul. 1955 Toto Zoki Co., Ltd. was established.
Dec. 1956 Toto Tekko Co., Ltd. was established.
Nov. 1961 The Toyokawa Plant of Sharin Kogyo Co., Ltd. was completed.
Mar. 1964 The Ayase Plant of Sharin Kogyo Co., Ltd. was completed.
Jul. 1964 Sharin Kogyo Co., Ltd.、Toto Seiko Co., Ltd.、Toto Zoki Co., Ltd. and Toto Tekko Co., Ltd all merged together, becoming Topy Industries, Limited.
Nov. 1965 Relocated home off ice of Topy Industries to Chiyoda Ward in Tokyo.
Nov. 1976 Established Kyushu Wheel Kogyo, Ltd. in Fukuoka Pref., Japan.
Jan. 1985 Established Topy Corporation in Kentucky, USA.

Jan. 1998

Acquired ISO9001.
Jun. 1999 Acquired ISO14001.
Nov. 1999 Established Topy International U.C.A., INC. in Tennessee, USA.
Sep. 2003 Established Fujian Yuan Shing-Topy Autoparts Co., Ltd. (Currently Fujian Topy Autoparts Co., Ltd.) in Fujian Province, China.
Mar. 2007 Topy Corporation merged with Topy International U.C.A. Inc., becoming Topy America, Inc.
Jun. 2007 Relocated home office to Shinagawa Ward in Tokyo.
Sep. 2008 Agreed to strengthen commercial ties with Nippon Steel Corporation.
Mar. 2013 Established PT. Topy Palingda Manufacturing Indonesia in Indonesia.
Oct. 2013 Established Topy MW Manufacturing Mexico S.A. de C.V. in Guanajuato, Mexico.

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