Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd.

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1 Tenno, Takaokashin-machi, Toyota-shi, Aichi-ken, 473-8501, Japan

Business Overview

-The Company is a subsidiary of Aisin and a specialized cast products manufacturer whose product line includes automotive engine components, drivetrain system components, brake components, and body parts.


-Unlisted Company (As of Mar. 31, 2021)
Company Ratio of shareholding (%) 
Aisin Corporation 51.2


Engine components
High-capability exhaust modules
Catalytic integrated SUS air gapped exhaust manifolds
High-output SUS exhaust manifolds
Air-injection path-integrated SUS exhaust manifolds
Vanadium cast iron exhaust manifolds
Turbine housings: High Nickel niresist cast iron
Turbine housings: Niresist cast iron
Crank shaft bearing caps

Drive components
Hybrid vehicle motor shaft rotors
Differential case assemblies
Differential cases
Differential carriers

Chassis & Brake components
Brake disc rotors
Aluminum calipers
Brake corner assemblies
Brake drums
Steering knuckles
Suspension members

Body components
Door beams
Roof reinforcements
Bumper reinforcements
Dash lower cross members
A pillar reinforcements


1960 Established as Takaoka Industry Co., Ltd.
1970 Construction of Kira plant was completed.
1978 Opened Tokyo sales office (current Tokyo office).
1979 Machinery and Equipment Plant was constructed.
Started production of aluminum products.
1980 Opened Osaka sales office (current Osaka office).
1980 Awarded the Deming Application Prize.
1985 Awarded the Japan Quality Control Award.
1986 Company name was changed to Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd.
1988 Established INTAT Precision, Inc. in USA.
1990 Merged with Sanshin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1994 Completed construction of the SUS Plant to make metal forming products.
1996 Opened Hamamatsu Sales Office.
1996 Established a joint-venture company, Pt. AT Indonesia.
1997 Developed aluminum-base composite disc rotors.
1998 Acquired shares in Siam AT Industry, Thailand.
1999 Acquired shares in the Nawaloha Industry Co., Ltd.
1999 Commenced production of hydro-formed suspension.
2000 Established ATTC Manufacturing, Inc. in USA.
2000 The Company received ISO14001 for its entire operations.
2001 Established Aisin Takaoka Foundry Bangpakong Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
2001 Established Takaoka Lioho (Tianjin) Industries Co., Ltd. in China.
2003 Established Aisin Takaoka (Thailand) Co., Ltd., an administration company in Thailand.
2005 Established Takaoka Lioho (Guangzhou) Machinery Industries Co., Ltd in China.
2008 Established AT Kyushu Co., Ltd.
2009 Established AT Tohoku Co., Ltd.
2011 Established Takaoka Lioho (Yunfu) Industries Co., Ltd. in China.
2012 Established AT India Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. in India.
2020 Established Aisin Takaoka Lioho (Wafangdian) Industries Co., Ltd. in China.

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