Analysis Report by Component : Brake (Japanese Market)


List of brake suppliers

Akebono Brake Industry ADVICS Nisshinbo Brake Nissin Kogyo
Hitachi Automotive Systems Hitachi Chemical Japan Brake Industrial Aisin Takaoka
Asama Giken Kiriu Daihatsu Metal Yoshiwa Kogyo
Continental Automotive Bosch Brembo

A brake is an important safety device used to"stop"a vehicle, and is produced under strict quality control guidelines. This report focuses on foundation brake mechanism parts, specifically 3 disc brake components and 3 drum brake components (*) and analyzes the market share of major brake suppliers based on their lists and business outlines. It will not go into detail regarding brake control systems such as Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC), or supplementary brake components such as brake boosters and brake pedals.
Generally, the brake power ratio of an automobile is distributed such that 70% of the power goes to the front wheels and 30% to the rear wheels. As front-wheel drive (FWD) vehicles are dominant, the distribution of brake power is centralized on the vehicle's front wheels. Therefore, almost 100% of cars have front wheels equipped with disc brakes. Meanwhile, disc brakes are used on the rear wheels of more than half of all small passenger cars. Drum brakes are mounted on the rear wheels of the remaining mini passenger, small commercial vehicles and other low-priced small cars mainly due to the cost. As a result, disc brake components have a 75% market share while drum brake components have a 25% market share in Japan.
This report analyzes the brake component market in Japan. However, as many suppliers are expanding their production sites outside Japan, it also provides insight to their global expansions.

(*)This report provides only supplier list for drum brake components.

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