Shanghai Motor Show 2011 (2): exhibition by six major state-owned OEMs in China

55 models by SAIC, DFM, FAW, CHANA, BAIC, and GAC



 Shanghai Motor Show 2011 (Auto Shanghai 2011) was held in Shanghai from April 21st to 28th, 2011 (Press days: April 19th and 20th).

 The following is a summary of reports on the exhibition of 55 new models to be launched from April 2011 to 2013 by six major state-owned OEMs in China - SAIC (Shanghai Motor Corp.), DFM (Dongfeng Motor Corp.), FAW (China FAW Group), CHANA (Changan Automobile Group), BAIC (Beijing Automotive Group), and GAC (Guangzhou Automobile Group).

 Details are reported of 26 new energy vehicles (including 3 PHEVs, 10 HEVs including Micro HEV, and 13 EVs), and 29 other new production vehicles.

 Incidentally, for a summary of reports on the exhibition of new production vehicles including new energy vehicles by eight Chinese emerging passenger car manufacturers (Chery, BYD, Brilliance, JAC, Geely, Great Wall, Zotye, and Soueast Motor), please refer to the first report ("Shanghai Motor Show 2011 (1): exhibition by eight Chinese major emerging OEMs") on June 7, 2011.

1. In this report, "EV" means "Battery Electric Vehicle". "HEV" means "Hybrid Electric Vehicle". "PHEV" means "Plug-in HEV". "TCI" means "Turbo Charging with Inter-cooling". "TGDI" means "Turbo charging with Inter-cooling and Gasoline Direct Injection".

2. Figures such as the max. cruising range and fuel economy without driving conditions are those announced by each OEM

SAIC, DFM, FAW, CHANA, BAIC, and GAC: exhibits that are planned to be launched by 2013

Exhibitor New energy vehicle (PHEV, HEV, EV) New production model
(SAIC Motor Corp.)
Roewe new 750 hybrid
Roewe 350 EV, 550 PHEV
Roewe E1
Roewe W5
MG 5
Baojun 630
Maxus V80
(Dongfeng Motor Corp.)
Dongfeng EV
Fengshen EV
Dongfeng Tianyi EV
Succe EV
Fengshen H30 Cross
Dongfeng Yufeng, Ruiqi
Future Jingyi Cross, Lingzhi M3
Venucia 3box
(China FAW Group)
Besturn B50 BSG,
Besturn B70 HEV, B50 PHEV, B50 EV
Xiali N5 ISS
Haima 2 EV, Freema EV
Besturn B50 diesel
Weizhi V2
FAW Kuncheng Pickup
(Changan Automobile Group)
CHANA Clover, Sense
Jinniuxing EV, STT
Luzun Xiaobawang STT
Hafei Junyi
Changhe Fuyun
Beijing Automotive Group)
Beijing BC301 BSG, C30DB EV Beijing T60, B70, BC301, BC302, B40
Weiwang 306
GAC (Guangzhou
Automobile Group)
Trumpchi Hybrid,
Trumpchi PHEV (E-Trumpchi)
Everus S1
Gonow 6440 concept,
Caiyun 500 Fan gasoline model,
Aoosed G5
Liebao Acumax
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