Paris Motor Show 2022: HMI Report (Part 1)

Chinese OEM and emerging EV brands promote display-based HMI



  The Paris Motor Show 2022 (Mondial de l'Automobile) was held in Paris from October 17-23, 2022. The show has a long history dating back to 1898. In recent years, it has been held every other year, alternating with Frankfurt. However, the 2020 event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so this was the first time the event had been held in four years, since 2018. It was announced before the show that major manufacturers from Germany, Japan, and Korea would not be exhibiting, and the number of exhibitors was expected to drop to less than 120 from the previous show of approximately 260. The show, however, turned out to be a great success with participation from China and Vietnam and exhibitions of emerging companies. Especially on the weekend, the event was packed with visitor families with children.

Venue entrance Inside the venue on a weekday
Mondial de l'Automobile venue entrance Inside the venue on a weekday (on the weekend it was even more crowded with families)

  This report focuses on the HMI of the vehicles exhibited at the show, divided into two parts (Table 1). Part 1 reports on Chinese and Vietnamese vehicles, those which are rarely seen in Japan, as well as a new brand of vehicles based on Chinese cars and HMI for ultra-compact commuter EVs. Part 2 reports on the HMI for French vehicles (including those of S.C. Automobile Dacia S.A. (Dacia) of the Renault Group).


Table 1: List of brands and manufacturers covered in this report
Brands/manufacturers covered
Part 1 BYD, WEU/ORA (Great Wall Motor), Seres, VinFast, MG (SAIC), Sportequipe, Mobilize, Hopium, NamX, Axiam-Mega, Silence, City Transformer, XEV
Part 2 Renault, Dacia, Peugeot, DS Automobiles, Jeep, Ford

  At this year's show, presentations by Chinese manufacturers had a subdued oriental atmosphere, and it is likely that many in the audience could not tell which country the products came from. Normally, unfamiliar brands are often met with a sense of rejection, but since there were many new companies exhibiting in the EV and hydrogen-related fields, even new brands seemed to be accepted without much discomfort. Vietnam's VinFast was distinctly impressive because it was an exhibition where you could sense its ethnicity.

  Although no Japanese, German, or Korean OEMs participated in this year’s event, the show was enlivened by the large number of Chinese cars and startups exhibiting, and we wondered if the time has come for a change of players. The sense that changes were in the air remained prevalent with the author. Many traditional companies are refraining from exhibiting because the value of trade shows is declining in the Internet age, but this event seemed to be a good opportunity for emerging manufacturers to showcase their products. This Paris show seemed to usher in a new era of the post-COVID-19 pandemic. Ten years from now, when people look back, they may say that "the 2022 Paris Motor Show reflected a turning point."


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