Mobile World Congress 2022 (4) 5GAA Conference

5G C-V2X deployment for connected and safe mobility in Europe, China and the US



Official event logo
Official event logo
(GSMA MWC™ Barcelona, organized by © GSM Association)

  The GSMA Mobile World Congress Barcelona, in short MWC™ Barcelona (, an annual four-day event organized by the GSM Association ( held at the Fira Barcelona exhibition site from February, 28th to March 3rd, 2022 under the motto "Connectivity Unleashed".

Fira Barcelona exhibition site
Fira Barcelona exhibition site
(GSMA MWC™ Barcelona, organized by © GSM Association)

  The event was held on-site as well as virtually. In 2020 it was cancelled and in 2021 it was postponed to Summer and smaller than usual with lots of the announcements happening online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was initiated in 1987, and it is now Europe's largest mobile communications fair. It is said to be the world's most influential event for the connectivity industry.

  On March 2nd a conference was organized by the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) with the title "Turning Connected and Safe Mobility into Reality". The conference included presentations from representatives of following 5GAA's member companies: Deutsche Telekom, Verizon, China Mobile, Harman, Continental, Telefónica and Qualcomm.

  5GAA is a global cross-industry organization with over 130 members consisting of car makers, technology- and telecommunication companies, which was established to promote C-V2X.

  5GAA's ambition is to improve the overall transportation industry to make it safer, greener and more efficient for vehicles, road users and the surrounded infrastructure.

  The conference began with an opening speech by the Director General of 5GAA, Johannes Springer, and Peter Stuckmann, Head of Unit, Future Connectivity Systems from the European Commission.

  The first session was on the 5G-V2X deployment landscape in different regions, such as Europe, China, and the US, in which the speakers underlined the need for increased ecosystem cooperation and cross-border projects to ensure reliable access to 5G networks to all users.

  The second session focused on the safety aspects and benefits brought by the technology, including protecting vulnerable road users.

  The two conference sessions were enriched by a vivid panel discussion on the mobility data for future.

  Johannes Springer closed the conference by stressing that the biggest challenge the association is currently facing is to define sustainable individualized business models for the different use cases and to bring these into the market. 5GAA is providing a collaboration platform and it has a good relationship to regulators. Regulations would be helpful for road operators and cities to make the correct investment. 5GAA can support them making the right decisions by providing them with its technological expertise.

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