Toyota's EV strategy: “Toyota bZ4X" and "Lexus LF-Z Electrified" announced

Toyota to introduce 15 EV models globally by 2025, and launch at least 10 Lexus electrified models



Lexus LF-Z Electrifiedコンセプト
Exterior view of the "Toyota bZ4X" concept car exhibited at the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show

  This report focuses on recent activities related towards Toyota's introduction of EVs. Toyota started the full-scale introduction of EVs in 2020, beginning with China. Furthermore, Toyota will introduce two types of EVs:
  1) EVs for global deployment and
  2) the deployment of ultra-compact EVs in Japan in order to popularize EVs.
  EVs for global deployment will be developed based on the e-TNGA platform. The platform has a flexible architecture that can accommodate different overall lengths, widths, and heights, and can be equipped with motors with different outputs, and can support front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and 4WD configurations.

  Toyota announced the new "Toyota bZ" EV series at the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show. It exhibited its first e-TNGA platform-based SUV type EV, the "Toyota bZ4X" concept car. The Toyota bZ4X will be manufactured in Japan and China and will be released globally by the middle of 2022.

  In March 2021, Toyota announced its efforts to transform the Lexus brand, and at the same time celebrated the world premiere of the "LF-Z Electrified", an EV concept car that symbolizes the next-generation of Lexus vehicles. It also exhibited the LF-Z Electrified at the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show held in April, 2021.
  Lexus sees electrification as a great opportunity to establish new standards for driving performance. The LF-Z Electrified is equipped with the driving, design and technology that Lexus hopes to realize by 2025. It features the first Lexus' first EV-dedicated platform, which integrates DIRECT4, a new four-wheel drive force control technology, and steer-by-wire to deliver a driving experience that is attuned to the driver's sensibilities.

  In December 2020, the two-seater "C+pod” ultra-compact EV was launched for the Japanese market, with limited sales targeting specific users and local governments. Equipped with a 9.06kWh lithium-ion battery, it is classified as a mini-vehicle (ultra-compact mobility, type-designated vehicle). Full-scale sales, including those for individuals, are scheduled to start in 2022.

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