Development of Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs) and Expansion of Applications

World Smart Energy Week 2021: Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo seminars by Toyota and Honda



FC system of the new Mirai (Source: Toyota)

  At the World Smart Energy Week 2021 Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo technical seminars held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center in March 2021, there were presentations from Toyota and Honda in the session entitled "Trends in the Development and Popularization of Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV) — from Passenger Cars to Expanded Applications." The following report introduces the content of the presentations.

  Mr. Kohei Yoshida, General Manager, FC Product Development Department, Toyota ZEV Factory, Toyota Motor Corporation, gave a presentation on "Accelerating Technological Innovation and Creating Partnerships for a Hydrogen Society.” In addition, he introduced the "Toyota FC Module" and Toyota’s activities to develop partnerships in order to utilize the FC stack installed in the new Toyota Mirai for various applications.

  In the "Honda's Fuel Cell Vehicle Development" presentation by Mr. Shuichi Togasawa, Chief Engineer, Block 1, High Voltage PU Development Office, Advanced Power Unit and Energy Research Institute, Honda R&D Co., Ltd., he outlined the history of Honda FCV development leading to the Clarity Fuel Cell, and explained the New Energy and Industrial Development Organization’s (NEDO) efforts on the technical development of fuel cell stacks and FCV-related issues. In the final Q&A session, he also introduced the atmosphere of its joint development activities with GM.


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