Toyota's Development of Vehicle Safety Technology Utilizing Big Data

Honda launches New Legend with Level 3 autonomous driving capability



New Legend equipped with Level 3 autonomous driving (Source: Honda)

  This report provides an overview of the presentations by Toyota and Honda on the introduction of new safety technologies at the 5th ReVision Mobility Summit held in March 2021.

  Mr. Yukihiro Ikeda, Chief Engineer, Safety Technology Planning Group, Advanced Technology Division, Toyota Motor Corporation, gave a presentation entitled “Development of Vehicle Safety Technology Using Big Data: Acceleration Suppression Function at Pedal Misapplication Acceleration". Mr. Ikeda explained the acceleration suppression function for sudden acceleration developed using big data such as driver operation data, with the aim of eliminating accidents caused by accelerator pedal misapplication. He also introduced other examples of technologies developed using big data such as “D-Call Net" and "passable roads maps". Plans are also underway for an AMP (Automated Mapping Platform) that will create high-definition (HD) maps for autonomous driving by utilizing images such as from onboard cameras installed in ordinary vehicles and satellite photos.

  Next, Mr. Yoichi Sugimoto, Executive Chief Engineer, Intelligent Systems Domain and AD/ADAS R&D Offices, Advanced Technology Research Institute, Honda R&D Co., Ltd. gave a presentation entitled "The Significance of Level 3 Autonomous Driving and The Future of Technological Evolution.

  In March 2021, Honda launched the new Legend equipped with its world's first Level 3 autonomous driving technology. Honda has named the new safety technology that the Legend is equipped with as “Honda Sensing Elite", which enables five advanced safety driver-assistance functions. That is, for highway driving even while the driver has their hands off the steering wheel, the Honda Sensing Elite suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies provides 1) Lane Keeping Assist, 2) Lane Change Assist, and 3) System-initiated Lane Change and Overtaking Assist. In addition, 4) Traffic Jam Pilot (traffic congestion driving function) is a "conditional Level 3 automated driving" function, which under certain slow speed conditions the system can take control of acceleration, braking and steering while monitoring the vehicle’s surroundings on behalf of the driver if the vehicle gets caught in traffic congestion. In addition, 5) Emergency Stop Assist function is available to automatically and safely stop a vehicle in the event of an emergency.

  Honda says that it will use the technology and knowledge of Honda Sensing Elite to make even greater advances in safe driving assistance technologies.


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