Ford (Part 2): Rationalization and Aggressive Product Enhancement in Europe and China

Improving profitability: CVs and electrification in EU, SUVs and localization in China



SUV Territory
Territory SUV launched in the Chinese market
(Exhibited at the 2020 Beijing Motor Show)

  In Europe, Ford will reduce costs by implementing restructuring measures such as the rationalization of production systems, while expanding its lineup of commercial vehicles, a Ford competitive strength, and electrified vehicles such as hybrids, for which demand is increasing.

  In China, where sales have been shrinking and large deficits continue, Ford has strengthened its alliances with local partners and launched a series of new locally manufactured SUV models in quick succession from 2019 onwards. The effect of the product lineup renewal has resulted in a recovery trend in sales and profitability since the beginning of 2020.

  Ford's global earnings in 2020 were significantly impacted by the contraction in global demand in the first half of the year, but earnings improved in the third quarter (July-September). This was enabled by the economic recovery in each region, and the company has upwardly revised its full-year 2020 earnings forecast.

  Ford Group's medium-term production (up to 2023), after declining in 2020, is forecasted to gradually increase to 5.37 million units in 2023 (+4.9% vs. 2019). Growth is expected to be driven by the U.S. and China, while in Europe production is expected to shift from Western Europe to Eastern Europe.

  This report is the second part of two reports on Ford, with Part 1 providing an overview of Ford’s North American operations and new management structure. Part 2 focuses on Ford's status in the European and China markets, as well as its latest corporate financial results, including the most recent medium-term global production forecast data by LMC Automotive.

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