CTI Symposium China 2019:Automotive drivetrains, Intelligent, Electrified

The latest technology trends of Audi, Dongfeng, GAC, SAIC, and Jing-Jin Electric



Panel discussion by participants including representatives of Audi, Dongfeng, and Jing-Jin Electric

 The CTI Symposium China 2019 was held at the Kelly Hotel in Pudong on September 24 and 25, 2019. At this event, a total of 67 lectures were given; general lectures were presented at two venues and thematic lectures were given at 4 venues. Besides the lectures, 50 components suppliers including BorgWarner and Continental exhibited products. MarkLines covered many of the forums and is reporting here on industry issues addressed at some of them.

 In response to the trends of electrification and intelligentization in the automobile industry, automobile manufacturers and suppliers in each country are accelerating research, development, and application of new related technologies. In China, there is a big boost at the national level and laws and regulations have been promulgated in relation to the national policies. The “Corporate Average Fuel Consumption and New Energy Vehicle Credits Joint Management Method Regulation” (also known as the double-credit CAFC and NEV Credit Regulation) is in effect. The national subsidy under the NEV subsidization policy has been halved, and local subsidies were completely eliminated. Furthermore, China-6a and China-6b exhaust gas regulations are being implemented one after another in the various regions. The auto industry claims that it cannot meet the exhaust gas regulations relying only on powertrain systems. The key technologies for future development include electrification, integration (including unification of motor, electric control system and transmission), weight, power density, and power from hydrogen fuel.

 The 8th CTI Symposium China 2019 enabled a large and lively exchange among engaged professionals gathered from organizations in China and abroad. At the event, industry representatives elucidated advanced technology development trends and by perceiving the latest trends, the direction of future development becomes clear.

 The CTI Symposiums, which began in 2003 under the auspices of the German Car Training Institute (CTI), are conducted based on detailed market research and the tightly knit cooperative relationship of industry specialists and are noted as the most renowned symposium in the field of German automotive technology. The CTI conferences, held every year in China, Germany and the U.S., are attended by industry experts (engineers and technical designers, R&D managers, as well as industry leaders, managers, and other representatives from various countries) eager to grasp the latest research and development status and trends.

The themes, presenters, and participants included in this report are as below.

Category Theme Company / Organization Speaker (honorific title omitted) Department / Position
Plenary speeches Audi’s first full electric premium SUV: e-tron Audi AG Michael SCHOFFMANN Global, Regional Management / Localization Director
Powertrain technical challenge under the electrification trend Dongfeng Motor Corporation ZHANG Sheming Dongfeng Motor Technical Center, Gasoline Engine Engineer
Jing-Jin’s dedicated multiple gear Electric Drive Unit (EDU) for EV and HEV Jin-Jing Electric Technologies Co., Ltd. YU Ping Chairman, CEO, Chief Engineer
Technical analysis of GAC’s G-MC electromechanical coupling system Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (GAC) QI Hongzhong Automotive Engineering Institute, Chief Technology Officer
The development & application of fuel cell technology for transportation SAIC/Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology Co., Ltd. SHI Weiyu Stack Development Department, Director


(The sources used for this report were distributed by the CTI Forum and organizers.)

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