Autonomous driving AI developments in China, and Denso’s approach to MaaS

Automotive World 2019: Keynote lectures and product exhibits related to autonomous driving




 The Automotive World 2019, organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd, was held on January 16~18, 2019 at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center. This 11th annual event, attended by 37,657 visitors with 1,002 exhibitors, is one of the world’s leading trade shows for technologies in the automotive industry.


Seminars and presentations: Japanese companies and MaaS, Chinese companies and AI

 The majority of the technical session presentations given by Japanese manufacturers were not so much about autonomous driving technologies per se but rather about how to introduce the technologies for autonomous driving as well as their approaches to the new business of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) for autonomous driving vehicles.

 On the other hand, many of the technical session presentations given by overseas companies (many of which were Chinese firms) focused on approaches to technological development of artificial intelligence (AI) with respect to autonomous driving. These seminars gave one the impression that the technological development of AI is advancing among Chinese companies.


Exhibitions: Chinese companies focusing on software development for instrument clusters

 Many exhibitors were from China and Taiwan. Among some of the Chinese companies demonstrating software technologies, there was one that emphasized its aggressive approach for functional safety systems through the development of an instrument cluster (using Hyper Visor). There was also Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturers exhibiting SoC (Systems on chip) for instrument cluster applications.

 Japanese companies on the other hand emphasized their predominance in fields such as materials, devices, and processing technologies.


 This report presents some of the more popular keynote sessions and exhibitions as listed in the table below.


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