SAE China 2018:NEV industry and related policies

Elimination of subsidies and the double credit policy



  The Chinese government introduced the "double credit policy" (CAFC and NEV credit) to stimulate the NEV (New Energy Vehicle) industry towards high quality growth and healthy competition. However, the Chinese government has decided to no longer offer NEV purchase subsidies after 2020. The question is, how will these policy changes affect the NEV industry, especially among the many NEV "emerging influencers" that have appeared in China in recent years? And, what will be the future direction of governmental policies? This report on the 2018 SAE-China Congress covers the views of Chinese government agencies, the academic community, and industry stakeholders including the "emerging influencers".

  The SAE China Congress & Exhibition (SAECCE) has been a successful industry event held for the past 24 years. The SAECCE is the most important national platform for exhibitions and the academic exchange of technologies in the automotive industry, comprised of a wealth of conferences and activities such as general meetings, technology subcommittees, thematic panel discussions, technical exhibitions, corporate tours, and test drives. Experts who participated in this year’s conference had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with many leaders of the "emerging influencers" related to the NEV industry and executives of China’s major automakers to actively discuss the development of the industry in the post-subsidy age.

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