SAE China 2018 :Intelligent and Connected Cars

Information security related to intelligent and connected vehicles of the future



 The SAE-China Congress & Exhibition(SAECCE)2018 was held from November 6th to 8th at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. MarkLines attended many of the conferences at this annual event and will summarize seven of these conferences across three reports.

 It is commonly understood globally that in the future, automobiles will become more intelligent and connected. Likewise, there is much attention focused on the various new technologies that will emerge as a result of this development. This report focuses on automotive intelligent connectivity and safety from the viewpoint of the event’s participants from industry and academia.

 The Society of Automotive Engineers of China(SAE-China)was independently  founded in 1963 by members of automotive technology-related industries. It is a nationwide, corporate organization with strong academic presence. SAE-China is part of the China Association for Science and Technology, which is a non-profit organization. It’s also a member of The International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies(FISITA)and was one of the founding organizations during the establishment of the International Pacific Conference on Automotive Engineering(IPC)(currently known as the Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference(APAC)). The China-SAE Congress & Exhibition(SAECCE) has been held for 24 sessions and involves a variety of conferences and activities ranging from general meetings, technical sub-committees, themed sub-committees, technical exhibitions, corporate tours, and test-ride events, acting as the most supported platform in the automobile industry for technological exchanges and exhibitions.

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