Mazda: Investing JPY250 billion over the next 4 years, aims for 2 million units production

Targeting strong growth from fiscal year 2021 with new plant operations in US



CX-8 to be introduced in China and Australia(Beijing Motor Show 2018)

  In April 2018, Mazda announced its “Direction of Future Framework”. It outlines the direction the company must take to achieve further significant quantitative and qualitative growth based on the results of the mid-term “Structural Reform Plan” for the fiscal years 2012~2015 and the “Structural Reform Stage 2” for the fiscal years 2016~2018. In the SKYACTIV (second generation) products and technologies to be rolled out from 2019, the “Bundled planning” approach that was commonly applied to all models until now will be replaced by product planning based on product lineups divided into “Small Products” and “Large Products” architectures. For the Large Products, a wider array of powertrain products including electrification is planned, aiming to improve the retail price per vehicle.

  In the U.S., the new Alabama plant jointly built with Toyota will become operational in the fiscal year 2021. In addition to its annual capital investment amount of JPY 100 billion, Mazda plans to invest an additional JPY 250 billion over 4 years from fiscal year 2018. Furthermore, it will invest a total of JPY 40 billion over 4 years to accelerate reforms to its sales network in the U.S. With these actions, fiscal years 2018~2020 will be a period for gaining a “solid foundation” towards sustainable growth. And, although investment funding will increase, Mazda expects to see strong growth in both sales and profitability from fiscal year2021 when the new U.S. plant starts operations.

  In fiscal year 2021 Mazda aims to sell 1.8 million units, and 2 million units globally in fiscal year 2023 when full production capacity at the new Alabama plant is achieved.


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