TU-Automotive Detroit 2017: Connectivity Perspectives, Challenges and Technologies

Increased connectivity highlights emphasis on security and user experience



  The TU-Automotive Detroit 2017 exhibition was held from June 7 through June 8, 2017, in Novi, Michigan, U.S. During the two-day period, the exhibition hosted over 3,000 attendees, approximately 150 speakers and more than 130 exhibitors. While presentations at the TU-Automotive Detroit 2017 exhibition featured a wider range of topics, with session groupings highlighting themes such as business strategy, urban mobility, and user experience in the vehicle, there was still a heavy emphasis on the impact of connectivity to the automotive market. Various presentations discussed themes such as cybersecurity issues, V2X communications, and new connectivity technologies.

TU-Automotive Detroit 2017 exhibition floor
TU-Automotive Detroit 2017 exhibition floor

 This report is the second of three reports which focuses on the discussion sessions presented at TU-Automotive Detroit. This report focuses on presentations related to the effect of connectivity in the automotive market, as well as various connectivity technologies. A report focusing on business models and strategies was previously released. A third report focusing on autonomous vehicle technology and user experience will be released in the future.

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