TU-Automotive Detroit 2016: Perspectives on autonomous vehicle development

Range of companies and entities provide thoughts and technologies about autonomous



TU-Automotive Detroit 2016展览厅
TU-Automotive Detroit 2016 exhibition floor

 The TU-Automotive Detroit 2016 exhibition was held from June 8 through June 9, 2016, in Novi, Michigan, U.S. Over 3,000 attendees were at the conference, which featured a variety of presentations focusing on autonomous vehicles, mobility, and connectivity. The theme of the 2016 conference was, “Collaborate to put Auto in the IoT (Internet of Things) Driving Seat”. As the automobile is one of the few items in the IoT that can physically move through the world, it can form tangible connections with other items. This capability gives the automotive industry an opportunity to be a key driver in the IoT.

 This report will focus on presentations given at TU-Automotive Detroit 2016 related to autonomous vehicles and technology. Information in this report includes Kia and Nissan’s general philosophies and activities towards autonomous vehicle development, technologies that benefit autonomous driving, and perspectives from government entities and companies without an automotive background in regards to autonomous development.

 This report is the first of three reports which focuses on the discussion sessions presented at TU-Automotive Detroit 2016. Reports focused on mobility and connectivity will be released at a later date.

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