Electrification Technologies (Part 2): Nissan developing 60kWh battery for EVs

Honda's 2 motor HV system maximizes efficiency, "zero delay" promoted for new NSX



 This report will take up the electrification strategies of Nissan and Honda based on lectures given at the Automotive World expo in January 2016.

 During a lecture titled "Future society created by electric vehicle," Nissan unveiled plans to increase the capacity of the batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), and discussed the present and future of charging infrastructure. The company will significantly extend the driving range of EVs with the 60kWh high-capacity battery it is currently developing.

 Honda gave a presentation titled, "Evolution and latest technology of electric propulsion system of Honda." The company introduced the design concepts of its two-motor hybrid system (i-MMD: Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive), which is equipped in the Accord and new NSX, as well as new technology incorporated in both of these hybrid vehicles (HVs). The i-MMD was developed with the aim of maximizing powertrain efficiency. The new NSX practically realizes zero-delay performance for forward travel, stopping, and turning.

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