Toyota: Introduction of active safety packages on all cars in three years

V2I cooperative systems and new LED lighting systems will also be implemented



Toyota safety Sense P, Toyota Safety Sense C
Toyota Safety Sense P and Toyota Safety Sense C packages available on Toyota models
                 (all photos courtesy of Toyota)
Three Safety systems
Three safety systems in Toyota Safety Sense packages

 Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) has developed a new set of active safety technologies, "Toyota Safety Sense" packages, designed to prevent or mitigate collisions. The packages will be introduced in 2015 at price levels chosen to encourage widespread use, and will be rolled out across nearly all passenger models (other than jointly-developed models or models supplied by other OEMs) in Japan, North America and Europe by 2017. The safety technologies will be available in two packages depending on vehicle type: "Toyota Safety Sense C" package for Toyota-brand compact cars and "Toyota Safety Sense P" package for Toyota-brand mid-size and high-end cars. The technologies will be offered as "Lexus Safety System +" for Lexus cars.

 Toyota's active safety systems have been available mainly on high-end models. To encourage broad penetration of safety technologies in the market, Toyota has decided to extend the availability to other segments including compact cars within three years.

 In addition to the active safety packages above, Toyota announced availability of three new safety systems including (1) Next-generation headlamp technology dubbed "LED Array AHS," (2) new parking support system and (3) "Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperative System" (the availability of the Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperative System is initially limited to the Japanese market). According to Toyota, these safety technologies are more advanced than the active safety systems that are currently available on its highest-end model, the Lexus LS.

 Toyota is introducing its active safety packages as part of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) approach. The Toyota Safety Sense C package will be made available starting with the new models being launched in the spring of 2015. The Toyota Safety Sense P package will be available starting with the new models being launched in the summer of 2015. The company is aiming for a substantial cost reduction by standard application and mass-production.

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