Features on new European models: PSA, Renault, FCA, GM, Ford and Volvo

Growing prevalence of park assist, automatic braking and smartphone integration



Volvo XC90
Volvo XC90's cockpit
(Source: Volvo Cars press release)

 The following report outlines feature availability on new models that were launched in Europe by PSA, Renault, FCA (*Fiat), GM, Ford and Volvo from March 2014 onward. Volvo's flagship SUV, the XC90, has adopted numerous advanced safety systems including two world's firsts. The features which have been increasingly made available in Europe include the driving mode selector, the LED headlights, the Park assist system which detects a parking space and steers the vehicle into the parking spot, the traffic jam assist and the smartphone integration with the onboard infotainment system.

 (*) Fiat changed its name to FCA Italy in December 2014.

Advanced equipment made available by PSA, Renault, Fiat, GM, Ford and Volvo on their new models launched in Europe in and after March 2014

Driving stability
(including fuel efficiency)
Mode selector Fiat Panda Cross/500X, Volvo XC90
Start/stop system DS3, Citroen C4 Cactus, Peugeot 108, Renault Megane CC, Fiat 500X,
Opel/Vauxhall Adam Rocks/Corsa, Ford Focus, Volvo XC90
Visibility LED headlights DS3, Ford Mondeo, Volvo XC90
Heated windshield Fiat Panda Cross, Opel/Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Focus/Mondeo, Volvo XC90
Driving/parking assistance Park assist Citroen C4 Cactus, Opel/Vauxhall Adam Rocks/Corsa,
Ford Focus/Mondeo, Volvo XC90
Auto brake DS3, Fiat Panda Cross/500X, Ford Focus/Mondeo, Volvo XC90
Queue assist
(Traffic Jam Assist)
Volvo XC90
Comfort/convenience Smartphone
Peugeot 108, Renault Twingo, Fiat 500X,
Opel/Vauxhall Adam Rocks/Corsa, Volvo XC90

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