Honda Fit Hybrid teardown (Part 1): Battery components & brake system

Electro servo-brake system, battery pack and power control unit presented



Honda Fit Hybrid
Honda Fit Hybrid on display at Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama by Honda headquarters
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 Disassembly of the Honda Fit Hybrid was performed on the 7th and 8th of November 2013 at the maintenance shop of the Saitama Institute of Automotive Technology (SIAT) in Ina, Kita Adachi Gun, Saitama Prefecture. The event was organized by the Saitama Industrial Development Corporation, Next Generation Automobile Industry. Later, on the 27th of November 2013, the disassembled parts were displayed for public viewing at the Saitama Industrial Technology Center in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture. A keynote speech was made on the same day on "development concepts and hybrid system technologies."

 The first day was spent for removing the drive battery, power control unit (PCU), and drive unit (engine and a 7-speed dual clutch transmission with a built-in motor). The removed components were further disassembled on the second day.

 Reported below (Part 1) is summary of the battery-related components and the electric servo brake system. The drive unit and the 7-speed dual clutch transmission with a built-in motor will be introduced under "Honda Fit Hybrid Teardown (Part2) " as soon as it is ready.

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