ITS 2013: Toyota & Honda demonstrate autonomous driving (video included)

Japanese car makers accelerate development of autonomous driving technology



Honda's autonomous driving demonstration
(Filmed by MarkLines)
The 20th ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013 was held from October 14 to 18, 2013. Exclusive attention was paid to the exhibitions relating to what has been called “autonomous driving.” Toyota demonstrated autonomous driving on highways with a vehicle featuring the company’s driver assistance system consisting of the radar cruise control which uses Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication and its newly-developed Lane Trace Control. Honda demonstrated autonomous driving and automatic parking systems. The company demonstrated that autonomous driving is possible with affordable in-vehicle devices if the system collaborates well with the ITS infrastructure. Nissan exhibited an experimental autonomous driving vehicle based on theLeaf EV. Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI:Subaru) exhibited the details of the next generation “EyeSight” advanced driver  assistance  system (expected to be released in 2014). The representatives of several Japanese automakers we interviewed unanimously insisted “the necessity for detailed map information” to realize “autonomous driving.”

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