Automotive Weight Reduction Expo 2012 (1): lightweight materials

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics and lightweight metals



 Below is a summary of exhibits of weight reducing technologies introduced at the 2nd Automotive Weight Reduction Expo held January 18-20, 2012 in Tokyo. They use carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), hot pressed and fineblanked parts, and lightweight metals such as aluminum and magnesium.

 Toray Industries exhibited its two-seater EV concept, "TEEWAVE" AR1, characterized by a generous use of CFRP that reduced the gross vehicle weight to 846kg. Mitsubishi Rayon had panels showing its plans with CFRP semi-manufactured materials that are currently in progress.

 YAC Denko proposed hot-pressing technology featuring high strength that contributes to weight reduction by reducing the required product thickness. Feintool Japan exhibited products made by fine-blanking.

 Lightweight products on display included those made of aluminum, magnesium and titanium. Also exhibited at the show were bolts and screws that also contribute to weight reduction.

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