Tokyo Motor Show 2011: Parts Suppliers (1)

EV/HV, start-stop systems and future driving technologies



 The following is an outline of technologies related to electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, start-stop systems, smart house systems and futuristic driving technologies exhibited by automotive suppliers at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011 (December 3 to 11, 2011).

 Toyota Industries Corporation and two other parts suppliers exhibited their EV concept cars while NSK and NTN presented their in-wheel motor-driven EV system proposals. The motor show was characterized by technologies and components such as lithium-ion batteries, motors, brake systems and various types of pumps that go into electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. All exhibitors appealed the broad range and high integrity of their technologies in anticipation of the fast market growth of EVs and HVs.

 The start-stop systems present a challenge common to EV/HV technologies. As the car stops and restarts engine frequently, the engine-driven functions must be performed in some other way. In reply to such a need, the suppliers exhibited brakes, electric power steering, DC-DC converters and other components and technologies that would support the start-stop systems.

 Denso and two other suppliers presented futuristic driving technologies in their interactive demonstration booths. Introduced there was convenient and safe driving conditions realized by further evolved human-machine interface (HMI) that connects people and cars, and the cars communicating with other cars and transport infrastructure, etc.