ASEAN targets unification of automotive regulations/mutual recognition by 2015

Drafting activities in 2011 falling behind schedules



 ASEAN is working toward the realization of automotive regulations unification and mutual recognition of their approval (MRA) in 2015. Today, the Automotive Product Working Group (APWG) has chosen 19 regulations of high priority in an effort to reach ASEAN MRA for them using unified regulations (UNECE regulations) prepared by the United Nations World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP29).

 Proposing criteria for ASEAN MRA goes beyond the development of uniform regulations. It involves the method of applying the regulations, the unification of testing methods for conducting approving tests, the clarification of qualifications of technical services, etc., and necessary work is under way toward their solutions.

 It is the responsibility of APWG to prepare a final proposal regarding ASEAN MRA by the end of 2011 but its work is not progressing as smoothly as planned.

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