Global Top 10 Countries Sales Forecast (Q2 2021)

Global sales to reach 87.46 million units in 2021, upwardly revised for U.S. due to strong demand



*An updated version of this forecast report will be released every quarter.

・According to LMC Automotive's forecast (as of Q2 2021), global light vehicle sales are expected to increase 12.4% YoY to 87.46 million units in 2021. As the impact of the semiconductor shortage spreads globally, forecasts for many countries have been revised downward from the previous forecast (as of the first quarter of 2021). On the other hand, the forecast for the U.S., where the current demand is extremely strong, has been revised upward substantially, and the forecast for the world as a whole is almost the same level as the previous forecast (87.28 million units).

・The global sales are expected to reach a record high of 96.74 million units in 2023, after recovering to 93.04 million units in 2022.

・Looking at the forecast for 2021 by country, the forecast for China remains almost unchanged at 25.92 million units, while the forecast for the U.S. has been raised substantially from 15.99 million units to over 17 million units. On the other hand, the forecast for India was revised downward from 4.21 million units to 3.73 million units due to the second wave of serious infections in the second quarter (April to June).