(New) Global Top 10 Countries Sales Forecast (Q4 2018)

2021 global light vehicle sales to reach 100 million units, China to reach 30 million mark



*An updated version of this forecast report will be released every quarter.

According to LMC Automotive's sales forecast (Quarter 4, 2018), global light vehicle sales in 2019 will be 96.0 million units, and 101.5 million units in 2021. In terms of the major countries, China is expected to maintain a gradual strengthening of sales, reaching the 30 million mark in 2021. In contrast, the US and Japan are expected to see a slight shrinkage in the market as they approach 2021. India will continue to grow steadily and is expected to reach 4.6 million units in 2021. While, major Western European countries such as Germany, UK, and France have continued to see a market recovery in recent years, sales are forecast to level off after 2019.


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