Key Allies China analysis on NEV market in October 2022

NEV (New Energy Vehicles) monthly sales data and market analysis


NEV (New Energy Vehicle) sales volumes

 This report is based on the “New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Industry Research Report” prepared by the Chinese consulting firm Key Allies; the report was edited and translated by MarkLines.

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Table 1) EV, PHV, and FCV sales volume (units) Table 2) Sales shares of EVs, PHVs, and FCVs

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  In the January-October period of 2022, among the sales of New Energy Vehicles, sales of EVs (electric vehicles) reached 3,270,000 units, up 81.6% year-over-year (y/y); 926,000 units of PHVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) were sold, reflecting an increase of 148.9% y/y; and 3,025 units of fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) were sold in the period, reflecting a 144.7% y/y increase. EVs and PHVs accounted for 77.9% and 22.1% of total NEV sales volumes, respectively.

  By province, sales from January through October 2022 were 641,000 units in Guangdong, up 96.5% y/y. 478,000 units were sold in the same period in Zhejiang, up 110.6% y/y, and 376,000 units were sold in Jiangsu, reflecting an increase of 121.6% y/y. By city, sales in Shanghai were 230,000 units, up 20.5% y/y; in Shenzhen, sales were 190,000 units, up 48.2% y/y; and in Hangzhou, sales were up 76.4% to 157,000 units.

Table 3) Top 10 provinces and cities by NEV sales (thousand units)
Table 4) NEV sales volume of the top 10 OEMs in the top 3 provinces (units)

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