WMG part of a GBP 37 million project to develop lightweight vehicles  [ UK ]

On September 20, WMG informed that A new research project, Tucana, will focus on lighweighting technology, delivering stiffer and lighter vehicle structures with the help of experts from WMG, at the University of Warwick.
The research will develop world-leading cost effective, scalable carbon fibre composite solutions, with the view to boosting the performance of electric vehicles. The CO2 benefit of the project between 2023-2032, will be 4.5 million tonnes.
WMG will receive GBP 4 million government funding through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC). Led by Jaguar Land Rover, other partners in the project are Expert Tooling & Automation Limited, Broetje-Automation UK Ltd, Toray International U.K. Limited, CCP Gransden Lltd, and Magna Exteriors (Banbury) Limited. Project Tucana will allow the true environmental credentials of electric vehicles to be realised by enabling wider adoption.
(WMG press release on September 20, 2018)

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