Detroit Auto Show 2011 (1): electric vehicles on display

Toyota unveils Prius-family, GM shows Chevy Volt, and Ford exhibits Focus EV ready for markets



  Below is a summary of reports on electric vehicles, such as HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicles), EV (Electric Vehicles), and PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) and their technologies unveiled at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) held in Detroit, Michigan, on January 10~23, 2011.

  The economy seems to be recovering gradually in the United States with auto sales there showing a steady growth to 11,590,000 vehicles in 2010, up 11.1% from the previous year. The auto industry in the U.S. saw some brisk activities focusing on electric vehicles toward the end of the year with GM starting production of its Chevrolet Volt PHEV and Nissan putting its LEAF EV on sale in the Californian and other market.

Displayed vehicles except EV/HEV are reported in "Detroit Auto Show 2011 (2): vehicles slated for sale and powertrains"

2011 Detroit Auto Show: Main electric vehicles and technologies exhibited by automakers

  HEV PHEV EV Others
Toyota Prius 3rd Generation,
Camry HEV,
Highlander HEV,
Lexus RX450h,
Lexus LS600hL,
Lexus CT200h*,
Prius v*,
Prius c Concept*, "
Prius PHEV* RAV4 EV*  
Honda CR-Z Technical models
of PHEV *
Fit EV* FCX Clarity*
(Fuel Cell EV)
Hyundai/KIA KIA Optima HEV,
2011 Sonata HEV*
GM Cadillac Escalade HEV,
2012 Buick LaCrosse
with eAssist*
Chevy Volt    
Ford Fusion HEV,
C-Max HEV*
C-Max Energi*
Focus EV* Engine mounted on PHEV*,
Motors for EV *,
Li-ion Battery *
BMW Active Hybrid 750i,
Active Hybrid X6
Mercedes-Benz S400 HEV,
ML450 HEV,
F500 Mind* HEV
A-Class E-CELL*
(Fuel Cell EV)
Porsche Cayenne S HEV      
Smart     Electric Drive,
Passion Coupe*,
EV Bike*
VW Touareg HEV   Golf blue-e-motion*  
VOLVO     Electric C30*  
Tesla Motors,
    Roadster 2.5,
*White body of
Model S
    Concept EV*,
Citroen Berlingo
(powered by Venturi)
BYD, China   F3DM,
K9* (バス)

"*" indicates conceptual vehicles and vehicles slated for market launch in the near future.

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